Friday, May 7, 2010

The Place Where I Work: To Cosign...or Not

To cosign on something means that one believes the actions taking place are up to par.
Oprah has cosigned my decision to just temp about especially at clothing companies where peeps wear Laboutins and Bermuda shorts or silk Hammer pants and K-Swiss sneaks.
I know Oprah feels this way because she is taping a segment of her show down the block from me-which reminds me. One of my goals is to have one (at least) of my books be part of Oprah’s Book Club- I wanna sit on her show and shoot the breeze-then have Oprah hi-5 me for being an inspiration.
Sadly that won’t happen because I keep forgetting that she ends it ALL this September! *shakes fists in air* Foiled again!!
So, yeah. Oprah is totally down with me doing this…and so are most of the men in this area. I’ve been told I cause ‘major pain’ just walking the streets. I wish this pain equated with my 'back being broken' or some ice cream…but no such luck.

Day two of the gig has been pretty cool. Pretty much make sure the whole office runs smoothly which allows me to put my hands in many bags- as opposed to ON many bags…in my head.
The showroom is being set up for SUMMER. Part of the display involves sand. Sand and beach balls. Tons of fun, but Tattooed Alba and I- TA, she is exactly like her name. Looks like Jessica Alba, and has many tats- before anyone stains their Dockers, me thinks she likes the ladies-i.e. ME. I know when I am being flirted with…okay normally no I don’t. I always say a dude (preferably) has to practically place his cock on my shoulder for me to get the hint.
Anyways, with TA, I just knew- I was cool with it until I found out she rolls in a Lesbian Wolf Pack. I’ve written about them in the past-referring to an article in either the Daily News or the New York Post. It’s basically a pack of lesbians that roll tight and sometimes get aggressive. Don’t think TA and her pack are going to cause me any unrest, but one of the pack members looked at me like she wanted to throw me on the sand…and the thing is…SHE LOOKED LIKE SHE COULD! Just lift me over her shoulder and throw me on some sand.- I hope I am not confused with being part of the ‘pack’ because I’ve been eyeballing this one chick HARD CORE, but not in THAT way- she has on this AMAZING pair of cream colored, peep toe, avec fringe Laboutin ‘shooties’. They make me smile passionately. If I felt I could fit into them (she looks to be about a size 7…and I am NOT a 7…or a 7 ½ even), I would throw her on some sand and take…those shoes!!!

…have I mentioned I do an AMAZING impression of Oprah?? Oh how we would giggle as I did my impression and we sipped champagne on stage…all the while discussing my literary genius.
**double sigh**

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