Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Did It All for the Cookie

Right now I need a cookie.
Other than that I am treating this Thursday like a Friday…because IT IS like one! At 5pm I begin a 4 day weekend filled with splendor and hijinks- hopefully some sleep as well.

Another quiet day in the office- it is always a quiet day in the office. I mean there are only like 4 people here. Maybe 5…who knows. There’s Mr. Burns who I introduced yesterday. GeekAnime, is this nervous sliver of a dude who has framed anime in his office. He seems geeky as well or maybe it’s his nervousness. Who knows? Because I have a fondness for nerds which is close enough to geeks, GeekAnime and I should be cool. Mr. Burns and I, I dunno. He’s just another stupid rich older White dude with 2 houses and a sense of importance simply because he is loaded.
He and I may knife fight, but I think if he stays in his lane and I keep working for 3 days, all should be well.

As for love in the club, club-i.e. the office- well no one in my general area is lust worthy. There IS a dude who sits on the other side of the floor who I keep ALMOST bumping into-literally. I am calling him Mark Darcy simply because he is British and I feel like Bridget Jones-yes a ‘plump’ White English woman- when we have our interactions. He does eye me like I am a walking scone n’ tea so we’ll see how it goes.
More importantly, I have already charmed one of the chef’s in the CHEAP KITCHEN- I keep it simple, you feed me well and you’ve got a friend for life! I dunno what it is about certain men feeling I am not eating enough, they need to slow their roll…or at least butter it…
Okay they need to realize that IT IS summer and I need to show SOME restraint so that I don’t start a forest fire betweenst my thighs because of all the rubbing- though anything going on between these lovelies will be seen as a GOOD thing.
I don’t have a name for the chef just yet, but he is well on his way to a GREAT one!!

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