Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Adjustment.

After a glorious weekend and a fashion-y 2 weeks, I am back to the cold hard reality of business casual and corporate silence. Am working at a REALLY small investment spot in Midtown- and besides working close to B I am literally 2 cubes away from Lauren who worked at HELL with B and I. It is a small, small administrative world!
Lauren is great people, so it’s good to know that someone awesome is working near me- though we don’t work for the same company.
Reason why Lauren rules #1: she sent me an email giving me a heads up about the toolery I may endure. I thanked her and told her I sensed the potential for people being asshats, but I’ve been there and done that and could write the Cliff Notes. I’ll be okay because IT IS summer, and I do work only 3 days A WEEK! Reason why Lauren rules #2: she is scared of the guy I call Mr. Burns (The Simpsons)- he is not as hunched or long in face, but dude totally reminds me of Mr. Burns. He is insanely rich and am told has a temper. Since I am new it is still the ‘honeymoon’ stage of the relationship. I am even more ecstatic because it is summer and I am here 3 days a week! Who can be all stressed and full of contempt then? Also, they have a cafeteria- not the sit in kind, but the kind where you can get anything you want for the price of $3.25!!! I am talking full friggin' meals with drinks and dessert for THREE DOLLARS AND TWENTY FIVE CENTS! Breakfast and lunch. There is a different menu everyday- and it’s not just sandwiches and salad- there are steak frites n’ shit. This means I can afford my Starbucks habit AND perhaps save money which usually equates with me spending money and then being offended with myself!
In other news, I find that it is a sad state that my friends have to place bets with me to get me to make out with a dude…and an even sadder situation when I LOSE the bet because either: a) I am not as hot as I think I am b) I make minimal effort c) I think this Mercury retrograde is making me even more dude-repellent d) I’d rather stay home and read or e) I only dig celebs that may be gay.
Hmm. Not a real good predicament to be in. I have faith in me this summer- now I have to start caring, for real.
Wish me luck.

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