Friday, May 21, 2010

The Place Where I Work: The Itch

Alas, it is my final day at the pseudo Ugly Betty-esque fashion-y place. Good times-itchy-but good. This woman, who just started here, was like: I don’t mean to get personal, but do you itch a lot since you’ve been here?
I responded with: YES! I thought it was me being a pseudo crack head!!!
This place makes me itch. It’s making my otherwise flawless complexion look…flawed and it was totally freaking me out! I was glad to find that it wasn’t all in my head, that there must be something with the ventilation or perhaps the fabric that is making me…ITCH.

In between scratching I’ve had a few stellar convo’s with peeps who are sad to see me go. Of course one of them is McFinnigan. That dude told me all about his child support payments…and seemed to be hinting that he wouldn’t mind more if I wanted to go half on a baby. Though my soon-to-be dry ovaries can’t be choosey, I’m going to pass on that one.
He insists that we become FaceBook friends and I keep telling him that is NEVER going to happen. Will not fund another dudes spank bank.
Once I leave here, I start a long term gig next week! Interviewed for it yesterday-hung over! I went out drankin’ Wednesday night thinking my interview would be Friday, leaving Thursday open for me to be comfortably hung over at work- this is my luck/life we’re talking about, so of course I check my email at around midnight and see that the interview had to be rescheduled for after work Thursday!
Obviously being hung over doesn’t diminish my awesomeness- it may have even added to it. In any case, I start on Monday and will start off working…wait for it…only 3 days a week!! That means I gets some great beach days during the summer- I HATE going to the beach on weekends when EVERYONE is out there.
So my tan will be poppin’. Am going to get body scrub after work to PREP.
Oh, the new gig is also close to that corporate financial haven of hell and toolkits that B and I worked at, so we may be reunited and it will feel real good.

Cannot wait to leave so I can stop SCRATCHIN’!!!!!


  1. this is awesome.
    a return to burgers.

  2. MEAT and MAYHEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!