Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bug Bite Bitchin': Otherwise Not That Interesting

Back from a long weekend tanned (in places) and bug bitten.
I’m soooo pissed about being bug bitten because I am trying this non-toxic bug repellent-which works- but you have to reapply every 2 to 3 hours. I forget to do that and I gets EATEN ALIVE. Ugh! My perfume may not be helping this cause so I have to go for a less floral scent. I think eau de Raid should work. It’s not like dudes are trying to bite or get close enough to smell my alluring scent, so smelling like roach spray really wouldn’t matter.

The long weekend was a great mix of activities and chill. Definitely pleased with the outcome.
Now it’s back to work, which has ebbed and flowed. Have spent most of the day planning an after work trip to Origins…also hoping it doesn’t pour (the bad rain, not the money rain) so that I can get a good walk in...of course making sure I have reapplied my bug repellent. *sigh*
Am so preoccupied with not getting bitten that I missed a short story contest deadline! Boo to me! Wanted to submit a chapter ( I have partially written in my head)…but I slack. Forever throwing salt on my own game!
Oh well, let me get to this chapter and try not to scratch these skeeter bites.

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