Friday, June 11, 2010

The Place Where I Work: You Won't Like 'Nessa When She's Angry...or Hungry

Forbidden Love in Midtown continues today…
Mr. Burns was supposed to be OUT all day-who rolled in the same time as me this morning all smiley and checking out my cute dress?? Mr. Burns!!!
I said my good mornings and then went on to be bukake'd (sp) with work. That is two strikes. It is FRIDAY and I expected to be working on chapters for my mystery series …instead I am WORKING. Bah.
Also had to be on better behavior because Mr. Burns was in-thankfully only till the 12noon. Per usual, being a person who often puts her foot in her mouth ALONG with being hateful to people when all they wanna do is show me love, Mr. Burns has been raving about me. He thinks I am doing a fabulous job and was a great choice.
Now I feel like a total ass…OR…does this further prove how much he wants to whisk me away to his bungalow in St. Tropez. Where we will snorkel nude, and yacht it up on the regs....

Anywho, once he left for the next few days (woot woot), I got to chapter writing and daydreaming about the boneless chicken wing platter on the lunch menu for today. I envisioned lots of blue cheese…maybe some bbq sauce…fries…happiness. Had to run a quick errand at lunch though which got me back to the café too late therefore missing the boneless chicken wing platter special for the day!
Sadness washed over me. Almost drowned in it when the only other thing I would eat-because I am not into pastrami sandwiches- was the SALMON SALAD. I may have visibly shaken. You can’t be thinking up delightful ways to dip your boneless chicken pieces and then eat some lettuce with grilled salmon on top!!! I got a slice of chocolate cake just so I wouldn’t be too angry.
You think I’m lying when I say there is 550lb girl just waiting to make her debut, but I'm not. Her name is ‘Nessa and she shares the space with ‘Cisco my inner gay man. He is lean and mean though, so they don’t have to fight for too much space-but if ‘Nessa gets a lil too rambunctious, ‘Cisco will just look at her and say: heifer, please!
If I hadn’t had that chocolate cake though- ‘Nessa would’ve eaten ‘Cisco and that would make me sad…and less stylish and apt to twirl when I hear Sylvester’s “You Make Me Feel, Mighty Real”.

Overall, it IS Friday, and I have Monday off!! The new season of True Blood starts this Sunday. Life is good!!!!

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