Thursday, June 17, 2010

There Really Is Enough for Everyone

This past Tuesday was my birthday. I know, a glorious day indeed.
Forgive my lack of blogging-including keeping up with my weekly Wednesday ‘The Story of We’ update, but I’ve been in a vodka induced haze. Through no fault of my own, just have some thorough friends who believe that you shouldn’t really remember your birthday. One should only feel the aftermath and figure it was all worth it.
In a span of a few days, I was shown so much love from pretty much everyone I know which proves that I am, in fact, a lovable asshole!! It’s like I say the most inappropriate things-except when I’ve had too much vodka- but you can’t deny yourself the entertainment.

I am a freak of nature that rarely does inappropriate things when in an inebriated state. This is because I don’t get drunk-just get a foggy memory- and most of the time I am silently telling myself not to do anything stupid. I refuse to be one of the drunk bitches people see walking around all crazy-like, and I rarely need alcohol as an excuse to be forward, or ‘have a personality’. In any case, I am all about the over drinking on birthday because as I enter my golden years and the responsibilities pile up, and people comment on my husbandless and childless-ness- I feel I need to drink to keep from punching. It’s either that I am loser for having none of that or I am bitter harpy who obviously has issues and cannot keep a man. When I drink though, I forget all those trivial things and think about cake! I remember the true meaning of the celebration. Cake. Being with good people who are happy that you were born…even me. Awww.

…since I am a trendsetter as well, my ‘there’s enough for everyone’ along with subtle hand motions directing one to my loins- is still a big hit. A birthday text from m’girl Marino made me clutch my cell and hold it close. It read: Happy Bday to the woman who has enough for everyone!!!!
I truly do, just choose to never give it away. ::sad face::

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