Monday, June 28, 2010

The Place Where I Work: High Hopes

I had high hopes for this Monday. Didn’t want to approach things like my usual- ‘sullen faced hate the world type’ of vibe.
I was like: Hey there Monday. Stay in your lane. Imma stay in mine.
Started out okay- had a nice mix going on the iTouch. Caught an early train and no one smelly sat next to me. Was even okay about it being so hot, so early. I know JT (Justin Timberlake) is allllll about the ‘air being thick and smelling right’, but I am a Gemini and I need not-so-thick air. Like my air thin and breathable. Wasn’t gonna let it get to me though.
Then I got on the 6 train.
The 6 train is notorious for ruining my (and most people I know) day(s). The fact that one can be 3 stops away from work AND early, and then wind showing up 20 minutes late to work-is really the MAGIC of the 6 train.
By the time I got to work I was DONE with today. Done. The mix of the 6 train and then walking to work realizing I am surrounded by ‘tailor-made douchbaggery’ was disheartening.

Then I had lady time in the ladies room with Frau. I was checking the mirror to see if my frown lines were setting in, when she comes over, smiles and approves of my ‘it’s so hot I am just happy to have clothes on and be here’ outfit. That and the caramel mocha frapp really helped to get me back on the good foot.
Mr. Darcy added to the entertainment factor for the day. First Darcy has Frau working with him- I guess to keep ‘the ship steered’ and the rest of the CHICKS who work for him are all cute petite brunettes who love Thory Birch EVERYTHING and short dresses. Have to applaud him. How can I hate on that? If I were the entrepreneurial type, would totally have a Frau-type and the rest of the office would be a ‘World Cup Buffet’! Like the World Cup, every country wouldn’t get a chance to play…and I definitely would have favorites. There would be cook-offs, cock-offs and shirt-offs!

Speaking of World Cup, don’t get it twisted, I am not suddenly a footie-head because the world is watching- I mean, I have a hard time giving a hoot about the Olympics. Just how I roll. This also doesn’t mean I have no knowledge of the sport, I do. Why? Um, hot dudes play soccer/football. Not all of them are hot, but a great deal of them are which makes me a casual watcher of the sport. Am not all hard up, but definitely rolled to a bar to check out a game last weekend. Another thing I noted: hot dudes watch footie. Diverse, hot, sweaty mens. I was in testosterone overload- and I liked it.
Besides hot mens, the weekend was a reflective time and a time of dealing in harsh reality. When one (me) finds herself saying: things are so bad, I may just roll through the Puerto Rican Day parade next year to hopefully get finger banged.
Then things are BAD.
One would think that someone as foxy as myself wouldn’t have a hard time getting fingerbanged, and honestly I don’t, but I have less patience than I did in my 20’s. My tolerance is low. I tire of dudes easily and don’t meet any that make me wanna put the DVD’s away and dust off the ‘fuck me pumps’.
Since I have decided to be more proactive about things, I’ve decided to go balls to the wall with online dating. Now I’ve dabbled before, but it was ALL half assed, and I felt I could meet these weirdo’s walking down the street- didn’t need the internet to up my weirdo meeting capabilities.
The best part is…I’m going to blog about my experiences. Now I have to go think of things to say on my profile that won’t paint the TOTAL picture of my asshole capabilities.

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