Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Creating My Own Soap Opera

Oh how the tables have turned.
Hate to sound cliché, but I may wanna entertain the thought of bonin’ my boss.
Hear me out!
First, I’ll never do it.
Second, he is not married- he does have a girlfriend though who recently had a baby, but since no ring has been put on it…am thinking because she won’t switch to Judaism and he is DEEP in it- she is Latina-possibly Catholic, I believe. Anyways, with no ring, there still leaves room for my imagination.
How did I go from ‘bleah’ to bone? All it took was one look. Mr. Burns tends to look me in the eye a lot-always with a slight smirk. Not a creepy smirk, but a knowing one. One that senses my irrelevant sense of humor and that I may have stepped into his office to pass gas-heathens fart. Mr. Burns never had much use for me before. This is because I was new and didn’t know anything. Now, two weeks in, we’ve spoken and he sees that I am not a total idiot. He also has a wicked sense of humor.
On top of all that he does triathlons and stuff- shit I would never do, but am always interested in people who do these things. I still think of him as a walking taint as well, but this doesn’t mean I can’t think about him sneaking me off to Aspen where we will play nude scrabble and dip various things in hot cocoa. All my underlying hate means is that I won’t fall in love.

In other news, my birthday is coming up. *sigh* Another year and I haven’t accomplished all I want. There are still reasons to celebrate though: great skin genetics, Lil Wayne is in jail, I have great people in my life-like the numbers keep increasing, I have a job I hate less, and though I am not close to where I wanna be or where I’m gonna go I am having a great time getting there. I’m also not a total schmuck. Instead of just letting the day go by- or the weekend before, for that matter (my birthday is on Tuesday) - I have decided to embrace this new year and be grateful for all the good things. Also, the opportunity to shake my ass and lounge about fills me with a slight giddiness at my old age. Better do all that I can now before the hips stop telling lies and start needing replacement.

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