Monday, June 7, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Dying Slow

Life is just like that. You're doing your usual morning chat with Lauren and you notice one of the dudes that she works for is standing in his office. He is standing and using a computer. You feel a certain way about it because EVERY time you speak with Lauren that old dude is standing and looking at a computer. You think: perhaps its a Bloomberg machine.
I'm sometimes too curious though, so I ask Lauren: why is that old dude always standing? He walks with a cane, he should be careful.
Lauren then proceeds to!!

She explains: He has a standing office... there was an article in the New York Times about how a calorie restrictive diet slows aging.

Me: (stare at her a bit) ...what does that have to do with him standing?

She continues to explain:
you burn more calories standing than sitting, so he had his office designed so he could stand and get all his work done. Burning more calories-on his calorie restrictive diet- and he believes he's aging slower.

Me:(stare at her blankly for a longer bit) you aren't lying! This is real. Dude is old already!

She profoundly says: yep, he's just dying slower.

I spent most of the day staring off into space thinking about this. Though I was busy enough and sorta comprehended what Lauren said to me, I just couldn't believe someone hadn't made this up. Couldn't believe how I couldn't conceive in making it up!

Anyways, here's an article-not the NYT one, but you get the gist that this old dude read this and was like: hells.yeah! Imma live forever bitch! May even out live my 24 year old wife!!

The pics of both monkeys kinda look like the old dude.

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