Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hand Full of Paper Cuts: The Legend of Topaz Jenkins

Yesterday while I put together about 45 PowerPoint presentations-and then bound them (into books), I not only got many, many paper cuts, I wondered where I went wrong in life.
Then I thought back to Saturday when I was happy. Happily hanging with some peeps and driving upstate while listening to Prince and Plies (thanks to J’s Apple Picking Soundtrack). We drove to Warwick, NY, and along the way we passed through a handsome town called Tuxedo. When I saw the stone housed post office I knew this could be the place for me when the city was too much…and when I am not writing books on the Amalfi Coast (with a typewriter of course).

Due to yesterday sucking sooooo hard I thought of writing one of my graphic poems but feared it would be too vulgar for even me…then stumbled deeper into my imagination and thought about a short story series about me if I lived in Tuxedo, NY, and was named Topaz Jenkins and opened a sports bar named Balls!!
I would tell tall tales of Topaz and her small town hijinks's. Also being a woman with a bar named: Balls-I would try to think up clever puns involving balls n' such. It would be a story filled with heart and soul...then I realized I would be living the Gilmore Girls in real life- which was discussed on Saturday (along with singing the theme to the show with B). No daughter, but I can talk fast and a lil quippy...
Anyways, Topaz Jenkins was an unassuming money counter at a strip club when her aunt Pam 'Balls" Grier decides to take a trip around the world leaving Topaz to take care of her house and her bar-Balls. Aunt Pam used to play on a few women's basketball leagues....

Must end this here because my brain hurts and my jaw is clenched because I've been using my brain too much lately and it stresses me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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