Friday, October 29, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Crackle, Pop

Today as I was about to grab lunch, I stopped and chatted with Snacki and RiRi (RiRi works with Snacki and is called RiRi because of her new haircut and awesome (less whore-like) style of dress-she reminds me of Rihanna)
Anywho, so Snacki and RiRi are pissed. I can tell because Snacki is shaking her head…slowly, and RiRi is standing and aggressively making the fist to palm hand motion. There is also bloodlust and murder in their eyes.
Snacki says: someone is going to get thrown into traffic today!
I say: Ooooo I know who it is!
It had to be Slutty Small Arm. She decided to pop some professional shit with both Snacki and RiRi-not cool. I laugh and say that people like Slutty Small Arm always do that kinda shit. Not only is she a pathological liar she is a kiss-ass. Ugh. This was enough to limit (and by limit I mean totally forfeit) any interaction with her. I barely look at her-because I know the one time she tries her bullshit with me I am throwing into traffic. Not a good look.
Slutty Small Arm was audacious enough to tap RiRi on the shoulder and inquire about her makeup hook-up. Woah. Gotta give them types props for sheer

In other news- GUESS what I spent the greater part of my afternoon doing???
I spent it play-pretending I work for Hallmark or Kate’s Papiere! Sounds like fun but not when you want to sleep at your desk or read more of the book ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins that you stayed up into the wee hours reading which is why you want to sleep at your desk.
No, instead you are gritting your teeth because of your limited Photoshop and ‘giving a fuck’ skills. OH, I should explain that I was making the card for Mr. Burns girlfriend. Seems it's her birthday and his assistant got shitty cards so he’s like can ya make me one some how involving pics of my ADORABLE baby girl- seriously, she is adorable…like I’ve been anti OLD ASS sperm (he is older than his baby mama who is like 3 years older than ME) but if it produces these kinda results, then I’m on board.
So, there I am maneuvering pics and birthday clip art, and again wondering how I got here. The end results were pretty stellar and both Mr. Burns and I were impressed with my skills- I will NEVER be able to do this again.
All will be made better during Happy Hour tonight with Texas, Snacki and RiRi. Should be A.BLAST. I don’t expect to pick up any ‘after work delights’ because I feel my look today is ‘Betsey Johnson (designer, not model) hair sans clip-ins’ and with my blousey floral shirt, I am like a pregnant (thanks to bloat) grunge chick in the 90’s. I doubt this look will be reeling them in…but who knows-there really is enough for everyone.

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