Friday, October 8, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Jean Day Social

In honor of raising money for Breast Cancer Research, a few of us wore jeans in to work. Some people even donated money-including me (aww).
Wearing denim is an almost freeing experience. It causes one to think it's a weekend- if your job includes wearing 'corporate work gear on the daily'- which may cause one to relax. Here are a few events that prove my denim within the confines of muted colored walls theory:

- Feeling all relaxed, I strolled up to Clark Kent and asked him if he had a twin-this was me being smoov- he looked at me dumbfounded and shook his head 'no'. Still feeling relaxed, I added that I only thought he had a twin because of the no glasses and shorter hair. He chuckled and said he may have a twin that wears contacts sometimes. By then I realized what a lame I was being and started walking away. Like I didn't say 'bye' or give him a social cue that the conversation was over. I just walked away.

- Baby Arm Me was pulling a large box on a cart while Mecurio watched. FINALLY, when there was a large thud because she bumped into something, he went to help her. I watched this whole scene play out and did.not.laugh.

- Mercutio (don't remember what I called him) and I then took an elevator together. He with his Lacoste gym bag me with my purse and look of disdain. He complained about all the food he ate at lunch and how HARD he had to work out because of it. Then he added that once back from the gym he was going to eat some pound cake. This endeared him to me. We are buddies now!

YAY for Jean Day!!!!!

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