Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Apologies...

Don’t think that I’ve just been slacking (with the whole blog thing-to the 2 of you that read this hot hot mess). I’ve been busy. No, not busy getting deep dicked or anything fun like that- no, I’ve just been busy with work. WORK.
Sure it pays my bills and affords me a lavish lifestyle of dining out and shopping at Target, but when I am too busy to type up my usual ramblings it makes me sad. Thankfully I’ve been able to re-edit and punch up the chapters I have been working on for the first of my many books I am coming out with. So all hasn’t been lost.

Lets see…what has been going on…
Oh besides everyone divorcing- I have been doing that myself. Just letting some people go. You have to. For your sanity, for theirs. Whatever keeps you (i.e. me) from kicking, stabbing or punching someone is always a good thing.
Mostly you have to let go because you only have so much room in your heart for their bullshit AND all these new people you’re meeting or are bound to meet- have to pick n’ choose.
…man, if I was putting in long hours at work because I spent most of my afternoon getting plowed by Clark Kent’s locomotive (am I reaching with that one??)- then I wouldn’t mind being over worked. Sadly, for you and me that is not the case. You should be sad because- imagine how descriptive I would be about our lovemaking sessions!

Snacki, an awesome chick who works one floor up (pretty much she and Lauren are the only ones I talk to and don’t want to choke on the daily) has revealed she too wants to be all up on Clark Kent like a Mens Warehouse suit. I told her I would cut her. For now, we are working together to figure out his deal. If he’s single, has kids, is decent and if his well muscled bod is compensating for his lack of wang. Hmmm.
Snacki is called Snacki because she and I have had 20 minute discussions about food. That makes you special in my book (world, blog). Maybe I should give Lauren a name-don’t want her to feel left out- her name shall be Texas because that’s where she’s from! I know I’m a clever one.

Remind me to tell ya about my online dating life. Don’t get it twisted- I am not all out there dating n’ shit, but I have some awesome stories to share. More on that…perhaps tomorrow if I am not spending the afternoon getting ‘smushed’ by CK in a broom closet- no more Waldorf because there are bedbugs. Remind me to ya about my itchy upon mentioning FEAR of bedbugs. Again, a story for another time.
I’m back for the most part though. The insanity continueth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. thanks for checking in, writin' fiend! The blogospher misses you when you aren't here!

  2. and I miss it.
    today is going to be one of them days where I lack in the blogging-or if I did blog it would be another one about people eating hot bowls of dicks.