Friday, October 22, 2010

My PSA for ‘It Gets Better’…No Really…

Lately, peeps have been killing themselves because they are being bullied- straight, gay, in between- and this is NONSENSE.

I wish I could do this video style like other peeps but due to my lack of having a camera and being incognito…just wouldn’t work. Okay I have a camera that can record but that would require downloading the video from my camera and then trying to edit and add effects (because I go allll out). Some would say and I say: fuck that. So…
*end pause*

Everyone is acting all brand new to this bullying thing and kids nowadays have become weaker. WEAK-ER!
Dig if you will this picture: me, a chubby glasses wearing braces having Black girl who grew up in an mostly White neighborhood and knew she was Black but people always questioned it because she wasn’t ‘hood enough’ and she never wanted to be hood and thought that with the Cosby’s this would be okay but it wasn’t so she went to school-public school in New York City AND took the train everyday and had to deal with that daily nonsense along with life/hormonal/social nonsense and not be the coolest/hottest/best dressed girl in school because her mom didn’t believe in labels which were BIG growing up in the 90’s and no guys wanted to date her and no girls wanted to be her so she was a gamer nerd who wrote a lot and would sit in her room for hours recording talk shows on the karaoke machine her parents got because she was going to be the next Oprahhhhhhhhhh or be the best radio DJ ever…and that was me.

I wasn’t tormented/bullied, but I was consistently made fun of on a sometimes daily basis. If I didn’t have my mind and my wit- 2 of my greatest gifts- I would’ve succumbed to the abuse by becoming someone I wasn’t and trying to fit in. I never ever cared about fitting in- not like I was Lady Gaga avaunt gard with it, but I always found strength in doing me. It is one of the things that may be seen a fault-how much I don’t care about how many people like me or if who I am is keeping me from having a man/child/ man who wants to plow me till I have a child- people who like me (you) will do so regardless and it works out when you’re yourself because you know they’re legit!

It seems very ‘tough love’ to say that kids who succumb to bullies are weak- but they are! Everyone has been bullied or made to feel ashamed at school. It’s a part of life- and you learn as you get older that life is like high school (same hierarchy) and the bully types will always be there so buck.the.fuck.up!...or Google ‘tai bo’ and get with the ass kicking.
Now, being bullied for your sexuality is whole other bag of apples. I usually say people sooo opposed to anyone/thing different from themselves are usually scared or envious- when it comes to sexuality I think it’s repression. In any case, it’s heinous and I want all my bullied gays/lesbians/trans genders/and what-not to know that it does indeed get slightly better- bigots are pretty much an epidemic so I can’t say life will be filled with kittens wrapped in gold lame`. What I will say is that these people don’t matter and in a few years when you’re on a road trip and stop at a WaWa and they’re warming up your corndog, you’ll be all like: shit…really?

So go on and live your life and know that there are bigger things to worry about like taxes and ‘The Situation’ writing a book (THIS FUCKING HAPPENED!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH).
With the good and bad that has happened with my life the one thing I am proud of is the strength to always be myself and okay with my faults, weaknesses and non-cool factors. Do your best at doing/being you and life will always be gravy.

LOVE (with a hint of objective hate).

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