Monday, October 4, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Proximity

Things are moving slow n' steady with Clark Kent and I. If he were to find out about Pudding Man or the Younger Latino Guard who also want to pillage and conquer my lady space, me thinks he would move faster and a speeding bullet.
There I was innocently waiting for an elevator when CK walked by and then WALKED BACK (after seeing me). He proceeded to walk towards me with a smile that ALMOST made me drop my fried rice but food is a BIGGER deal to me than nutsac. He says that he wanted to take a short cut- a short cut that happened to put his shaft o' steel closer to my vaginal kyrptonite (I can really go on for days...hours with this!). I was happy about all of this because it allowed me to guestimate how we'd look together-laying down or standing up. He is a great height...has to be like 6'2 at least...and with the shoulders...
This is all very yummy.

This afternoon I went for a walk in the mist for some tea when I see CK again. He stops his convo with another guard to follow me/chat with me. All with that smile and glimmer in his eyes. We even had some banter without me spilling ANYTHING on myself!!!
Sooner rather than later he is gonna be all up in my Metroplolis.


  1. LOL@ "My Lady space" is that like Myspace?

  2. unfortunately LIKE Myspace, my 'lady space' is irrelevant and yeah.;)