Monday, November 29, 2010

Another Reason Why I Suck….

Remember how I was all gung ho about National Novel Writing Month and how I was just gonna do it and write that novel. Yeah. I totally slacked. I blame myself mostly and this habit I have of constricting myself as a writer. I don’t allow myself to fully go there- this says a lot about me as a person. Hmmm…
It could read as I am flighty and lose interest too easily, am a lazy bum, or I wasn’t excited by what I was writing anymore…
Mostly, it was a mixture of all those things. I really tried to stick to it, but life is a tricky bitch…plus there’s that thing with second guessing myself. *sigh*
Anyways, I didn’t finish my novel but at least I have yet another idea to flesh out. Don’t worry I feel REALLY shitty about it, but if I could be paid to just write-and write with a typewriter/laptop in a tricked out cabin or house on the Amalfi Coast. *sigh*
No more excuses though, I suck.

Here is the unfinished genius that never was…(in its unfinished entirety):

Forever Kiss

The dream begins as it always does…
Cold crisp air, endless woods and the sound of muffled screams. They seem to get closer as Mya nears the small bonfire that appears out of nowhere. Suddenly he is there. A white glow surrounds him and he smiles holding out a pale hand. Mya wants to take his hand-it is an urgent feeling, she knows she’d be safe with him. The screams become more clear and louder to point that Mya wakes herself up screaming…never taking the man surrounded by white’s hand.
She is upright and looking wildly around her bedroom. She doesn’t know what she is looking for- the woods, the man, the reason for the screams. There is nothing. Her bedroom is dim and silent, suddenly her roommate appears in her doorway- Jake was annoyed, Mya could tell by his arms crossed over his bare chest …and the eye rolling.
“You had the dream again?” His voice is rough with sleep.
Mya’s erratic breathing was down to a slow pant, she trusted her voice not to give out on her, “Yes. I’m so sorry…” She really was. She wished she knew why three months ago the dream began and she wished she could stop it.
Jake sighs, “ Do you need anything?” Mya shakes her head, and he goes back into his bedroom-the door slams behind him.
Mya was once again alone and wondering how much longer before Jake kicked her out and she had to move back into her room in her parents brownstone. Jake was a great friend-her oldest friend. They grew up on the same block in Park Slope (Brooklyn) and she was the first person he came out to. They were close, but even best friends had their limits.
She lay back down letting the ceiling fan lure her back to sleep. In the morning she would call that sleep therapist Jake told her about- Jake burst back into the bedroom causing Mya to jump up.
“What?” Her brown eyes are wide.
“We have to go.” He says this as he finds a suitcase at the bottom of Mya’s organized closet. He frantically pulls clothes off hangers and throws them towards the suitcase. Mya also notices he’s dressed-a very unusual outfit for him. Jake’s usual uniform was: dark slim jeans, a t-shirt or sweater depending on the weather, a blazer and sleek leather sneakers. Now, he wore black slim cargo’s tucked into combat boots and a turtleneck. There was an ornate leather belt around his waist that held several wooden stakes.
“What? Where are we going?” Mya asks, she didn’t feel the need to move just yet. This was all overwhelming. She is startled by Jake’s usually calm slate blue eyes that were now fiery-almost glazed with intensity. He stops throwing clothes and looks at Mya, he begins to pace.
“I knew this day would come. I thought I would have time to finish my novel, but we’ve gotta save the world-“ Jake holds up an index finger as Mya is about to speak, “ it sounds crazy but that is what we have to do.”
He begins to tell the story just as his father told him when he fifteen and came out to this parents. They weren’t upset because they had a huge secret of their own…Jake was a Sacred Watcher.
As the story goes, long ago back when people died from colds, an Italian prince named Romero became gravely ill from something similar to the flu. His powerful parents sought out doctors from across the land with no one being able to cure their son. Each day he grew closer to death, his body weak and pale. Then one day an Egyptian cloaked in Chinese silks came to castle, his name was Rahkman and he spoke of various herbs that would help. Since they were so distraught and losing hope they didn’t scoff at the herbs or the fact that they would be mixed in blood. The prince drank the concoction and slept for 2 days, just as the king was about to order Rahkmans death, that very evening, the prince rose. He was more than well, he was magnificent. His skin was pale but luminescent and always cool, he seemed stronger. Though the king and queen were delighted they didn’t like that the Romero only sought council with Rahkman…and then he never rose before sun touched the Earth.
Soon the kingdom was plagued by deaths. Blood was drained from the bodies and there was no clue as to who or what would do such a thing-Rahkman knew. He was the one that made the prince what he was- an elegant blood drinking powerful monster. Rahkman thought he was helping to create stronger humans by not letting the slightest thing kill their fragile beings-instead he watched as a monster (Romero) drained the blood of men, women and children.
Rahkman soon sought advice from the Wise Ones- a group of men and women from various lands. They let him know he created an abomination and he should kill it immediately-while he was away though, Romero developed other urges. He seduced one of his mother’s maidens. He impregnated her and created a fast growing superior hybrid. Their son, Romulus, was born after 4 months of gestation, once he was born though he developed as normal human baby would- though he was stronger, mentally gifted and could communicate with his mother via her dreams. Romero was ecstatic about creating a superior race, so he spread his seed throughout the kingdom, drinking from very few. Once his mother and father caught on they joined with Rahkman to stop him, they even went as far as killing a few babies by decapitation. This caused Romero to slaughter his parents and over half the kingdom. The Wise Ones stepped in to protect Rahkman and Romero’s first born, Romulus- and then annihilated Romero and the rest of the kingdom.
Jake pauses when he notices Mya’s faraway stare. This meant she wasn’t listening and was thinking what shoes she would wear to save the world. She finally notices the silence and looks at him a bit.
“Did you fall asleep watching a movie?” She has on her hedgehog pajamas. Jake couldn’t believe she was the Chosen One- a powerful being- with hedgehogs holding apples all over her body.
“Can you not believe my story while getting dressed?” He zips her suitcase and has laid out a ‘world saving’ outfit for her.
Mya makes no attempt to get dressed, she looks at Jake a while,” This is crazy and I am going back to sleep.” With that, her blanket is over her face and she tries to block out the insane story Jake started.
“The dreams started because The Survivors are closer to finding out who you are and are going to kill you- I know it sounds crazy, and believe me –“
“He is correct, Mya. You must believe him.” Romulus says. His voice was soothing and seemed to cloak you in velvet. When Mya throws the covers back she finds Jake kneeling before the most magnificent man she had ever seen. Though he was dressed modernly he seemed not of this century. His pale peach face was chiseled which was highlighted by his shaved head. Light brown eyes bore into Mya’s and she could hardly catch her breath.
“I am Romulus, I am a Protector.” He holds out a hand to a still kneeling Jake, this movement causes Mya to jump out of bed.
“You! You’re from my dreams!” She walks backwards until she hits the wall closest to the entry to her bedroom. She wondered if she ran how far she could get before Romulus caught- no! She couldn’t leave Jake…who didn’t appear to be scared at all. In fact, he seemed to be in awe of this intense magnificent man.
“I was trying to warn you…but your Sacred Watcher, “ looks pointedly at Jake, “ hadn’t informed you about the dire situation at hand. I will tell you everything but we must leave this place.”
“Mya, trust in our friendship…please come with us.” Jake is walking towards Mya, slowly.
“There were people with a lot of R names in your story…but isn’t he- aren’t you some kind of monster- human hybrid?” This was good. She would get him to talking, grab Jake and run. Maybe throw one of the wooden stakes at him for good measure.
“I am a Protector. My blood is human, my soul is human but what has kept me alive for centuries- what makes me stronger than anyone you’ve ever known, is the vampire blood that runs through my veins. You are a descendant of Rahkman, one of the first Protectors, in your blood the Wise Ones disguised their power. You will be killed because of this-because you are the final piece to the puzzle. I have waited- we have waited centuries for you to finally rid us of the Survivors and the evil my father began…”
“Oh…” At this point Jake is holding Mya up, her reaction stemmed from this insanity sounding so true to her. It felt right. She looks up at Romulus who’s eyes haven’t left her face, “how am I supposed to do this?”
“Mate with me.” Romulus says, Mya passes out.

Mya’s eyes slowly open, she hears the whirring of a fan which makes her think she’s at home in her medium sized bedroom in Astoria, NY. When she looks towards the ceiling though, there is no ceiling fan. Instead there is a bare white ceiling and then the smell of salt water makes her slowly sit up and realize she was very far from Astoria.
She finally spots the fan, a standing silver one that is placed in front of two large open windows that reveal an aquamarine ocean whenever the white sheer curtains are lifted by a gentle breeze. She has on a sleeveless linen dress and is laying on the most comfortable bed she has ever laid her body upon. The white duvet surrounds her like a cloud and though the ceiling was white, the surrounding walls were a pale blue, so she felt as if she were floating in the sky. The floors are a dark wood and there’s bamboo nightstand beside the bed. A clock reads: 2:00 pm and there is a glass of water next to the clock.
Mya has no idea how she got here or why she appears to be paradise. The last thing she remembers was being in her bedroom with Jake and…Romulus…and then passing out. Suddenly, she jumps out of the bed remembering that Romulus said they would have ‘to mate’ to save the world. Almost as if she thought him up, Romulus appears in her doorway. He is wearing a white t-shirt and linen drawstring pants. He is barefoot and eating a mango. The mango didn’t cause Mya to salivate though, it was the sight of him. He was arguably the most attractive person she had ever seen. His light brown-almost copper colored eyes looked quizzically at her.
“Did you rest well?” He leans against the doorjamb content with eating his mango and taking in Mya. She wasn’t as refined as other women he found attractive, but there was something about her- besides the fact she was his soul mate and they together would produce a child that would save the world. Her skin was the color of almond milk and he felt that if he touched it, it would feel warm and soft. This is why Jake dressed and undressed her and he stayed far away fearing the temptation would be too great. Romulus was a man who prided himself on his restraint, but being around Mya made him feel careless. Like now, with her jet black tousled hair almost resting on the top of her round breasts that peeked from the top of her dress- Romulus found himself needing to lean against something because he feared he would stumble into her just to touch her.
“Where am I? Where is Jake?” She knew she should feel more worried and think of possible weapons to use in case she didn’t like any of Romulus’s answers- then Mya wondered when she became a female movie action star ready to battle against a superior human vampire hybrid.
“We are in a house on a beach in Jamaica. Jake is doing a security check around the premises. We should be safe here for the time being-“
“Safe enough for us to…mate?” She caught the flicker in his eyes, for a brief moment he appeared to lose his cool demeanor. Cool and authoritative. For a brief moment though, Mya made him lose his cool and she took that to mean that maybe she is this force that can save the world.
“You are not here for us to mate. You are here for your safety. The Survivors will have a tough time dealing with all the sunshine and the inability to blend in. I am a local here who’s been talking about the visit from his two friends from New York-“
“I don’t know what is going on, I don’t know who you are! Where is Jake, I want to see him now!” Romulus disappears within a blink of Mya’s large brown eyes. This startles her and forces her to sit at the edge of the bed. The fan, along with the ocean breeze, soothes her again.
Jake enters the room leaving Romulus standing at the doorway. He knew he should probably leave them alone, but every since he found Mya , it became difficult to leave her side. It was even more difficult to watch her except Jake’s comfort and glare at him from over his shoulder.
“Mya, I am sorry this is all happening and that I didn’t warn you about it-but I really never had the perfect opportunity to tell you without you thinking I was on drugs.” They both sit on the edge of the bed, Jake looks to Romulus for reassurance which he gets with a slight nod. “To make a long story short, this is Romulus. The love-child of a vampire and a human who started aging slower at twenty-one which then became to a halt at twenty-five, this makes him the perfect man basically-“ He smiles and nudges Mya who still has a deer caught in headlights look. “After all the bloodshed and murder, the Wise Ones kept him alive because they realized he could aid in the battle of good versus evil-“
“I thought they killed all the evil though-“ Mya says, she notices as Romulus smiles a little.
Jake continues, “ They didn’t realize how far and wide Romero spread his seed. The Survivors continued to make more of themselves- less human and more blood drinking monsters. Evil was building an army and the Wise Ones knew they needed one as well-“
“Did they bring virginal maidens to Romulus hoping to build this army?” Again, Mya notices Romulus smiling again.
“No. There was blood, there was prayer…and there were a few before you that were killed-but luckily you were hidden well this time and protected most of your life.-“
“So the only reason we’re friends is because you’re my ‘protector’?” She looks at Jake with eyes brimming with fear and disbelief. It causes him to hold her again, and made Romulus want to hold her as well.
“Of course not. We were friends way before I knew who I was and what you were-“
“What am I?” She knew she was awkward mostly, and there was that goth phase in college, but she felt she was a normal quirky person.
“You are human with powerful blood, and if trained you could be a powerful fighter,” Romulus says, Mya hated the fact that his voice comforted her. He continues, “Without …mating, we could fight off The Survivors and hopefully live to tell the tale. If we were to mate, we would create a being more powerful than all of us-and so The Wise Ones said, and so it is writ.”
“Have you ever tried mating with anyone else?”
“Why? It is written, in order to completely destroy The Survivors, The Protector and The Chosen one must come together and create The Gift-“ Romulus stops because Mya has begun laughing hysterically.

Mya sat in her cloud room and laughed for just about an hour, then she began planning her escape. She thought Romulus was an insane perv and that Jake fell under his spell because he is an insanely attractive perv. After noting that her large windows facing the beach were going to be her escape route, first she needed to see what she would be escaping to. Casually, she strolls down a short hallway that leads to the main living area of the house. There she finds Jake and Romulus standing over a drafting table looking at map. Romulus notices her first- it was almost like he smelled her. Mya shivers.
“I’m just going to take a walk outside. Alone.” She begins walking towards the front door, within a blink Romulus was beside her.
“We are surrounded by water, the only way on or off the island is by boat….or if you’re a really good swimmer.” He smirks.
Mya shrugs, “Great, will keep those pesky Survivors off my tail.” She continues walking out the door and into the warm ocean air. Her heart sinks when she see’s that Romulus is right. They were surrounded by water-beautiful aquamarine water that was only interrupted by a small motorized tugboat that would probably make a lot of noise. Defeated, Mya crumples knee first into the sand and wondered how she was going to get out of this crazy predicament.
Romulus watches Mya through a window, seeing her slumped-defeated looking-though still picturesque. White sand, a clear sky, and water that seemed to reach out for her. He’s never been so close to a Chosen One, so that had to explain how enamored he seemed to be by her. Her magical blood made him feel light-he imagined tasting the blood-he shakes the thought out of his head. Jake looks at him a bit.
“My plan is not that farfetched-“ Jake says.
“I’m sorry, I was lost in thought.” Romulus crosses his arms over his lean muscled chest, Jake notices that he was staring out at Mya and smiles.
“You were lost in Mya- wow, this bond is powerful-“ The look on Romulus’s face caused Jake to choke on anything else he had to say.
“Her blood. That is what I am drawn to. Jake, if I make any attempts at her-kill me.” Romulus grips Jake’s shoulder, his once copper eyes are a watery red. Jake stiffens, and nods slowly.
Amagyne crosses the empty street, comfortable in the dark quiet. She still looks both ways as she opens a manhole. Her lean body slips in and lands in a muddled splash. She was quiet, which was why Unro sent her and not her lover Crane. She chooses to glide back to Unro, soundless and quick-Unro turns to greet as if he heard her coming.
“What have you found?” His voice sounded weathered, yet authoritative like an old storyteller’s. Unro was the oldest of The Survivors which is why he couldn’t live above ground like the rest-well when the sun wasn’t out. His skin was leathery and his eyes were blood red. A long black braid rested on his broad shoulders, and as he anticipated some good news, he twirled the end of the braid with long claw-like nails.
“We found her apartment- her delicious smell was everywhere-“
“She wasn’t there? Will she be back?” He leans closer to Amagyne.
“Clothes were missing, she appears to have gone in a hurry.” She quickly hands him pictures of Mya and Jake.
“She knows? Who is this?”
“Her lover perhaps? How could she know-“
Unro looks at nothing in particular and squints, “He’s found her. For once our brother Romulus has found The Chosen One.”
“That means we are closer.” She looks quizzically at a photo of Mya sticking her tongue out at the camera and crossing her eyes, Amagyne wondered how anyone who looked so remarkably ‘challenged’ could be the ‘all powerful Chosen One’? Her thoughts are interrupted by Unro who’s feeding on a woman Crane met on the subway. Her screams are muffled by Unro’s clawed hand. Amagyne watches hungrily as the scent of blood fills the air.

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