Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Not a baby. Not a toddler.
Mostly, just the junior high school aged kids I bypass in my neighborhood as I hurriedly make my way to the train station-need enough time to swipe my metrocard twice, and place myself in the area of the stairway I need when I get off the train.
These kids slow me down because they walk down sidewalks as if they are the only ones who exist-all in a line straight across, high off sugar and hormones , and looking at me like I’ve grown three heads when I attempt to walk by/push through them. I think because I am a ‘meek looking’ woman these kids think they can intimidate me with their youth and numbers but what they fail to realize is that I will punch a kid.
*waves cane* When I was younger and would walk down a sidewalk with friends, we didn’t do shit like take up the whole street and if we were oblivious and someone said excuse me OR if we saw them walking towards us we would move out of their way.
Not these kids though.
So they have been hit with my bag, my elbow and SOON to be my fist. Today as this snot nosed 11 year old boy looked me smug in the face while walking towards me and me then almost knocking him into a fence (have heels on too), I said: I will punch a kid.
He blinked a couple of times-a little stunned- and then scampered away.
I am either going to REALLY have to punch a kid or get jumped on my way to work. I look forward to both.

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