Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Dear Slutty Small Arm

I know.
I know you felt a certain way about me so you did things-you and your Minion Bitch. You lie, you screw and you suck. It's okay though, you and your Minion Bitch (which is funny because he's a DUDE and probably during one of your many smoking/sucking breaks)- who I didn't think could read- probably told you about my blog and the anonymous truth I write...and you didn't like it...because it's true and truth is like your kryptonite or like when you forget to take your antibiotics for the various itching diseases you may have.
Anyways, the really sad thing is...you and Minion Bitch still have to be you: petty, worthless, ignorant and unimportant. No one likes you and no one will. You'll have to continue on with your ....lives...doing insignificant things, and sucking.

Have fun with all that!

Thanks for being you and really helping me out, yo!



P.S. Choke on a vat of dicks-a vat so there's enough for Minion Bitch too!!:)

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