Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Bang Bang?

Sometimes you just have to chuckle.
So last week I was all like: Clark Kent/Midtown/Bang Bang seems okay-and to some he still is, but if you’re a decent chick who feels a certain way about messing with taken dudes, then you may not think he is okay. Laughable, but no one to walk down the immoral low road with.
I used to think I was just a prude and needed to be …I don’t know…open…think less and do more-and with some things that is okay, and with others it’s not. There are single people who can fuck married/'taken' people and feel just dandy about it, but I know me and my luck.
First, it’s not the right thing to do and second, my face has been cute and uncut (unsliced, never razor bladed) by crazed lovers/wives and I intend on keeping it that way. Have enough shit going on in my life without getting into something KNOWING that there will be…shit.
It is understandable with me being a vibrant, sexy woman that many men-taken, single, blind, impotent, etc.- want to ravage me like the chicken wings I plan on inhaling tonight. Just lick their fingers and get INvolved-so I cannot blame CK/Midtown D/Bang Bang for trying.
I’ve shut him down text-wise, though any chance I have at making him feel bad, I take…AND we’ll see how long the looks of anguish n’ ball pain last. There is also disbelief when he looks at me, like I am going to go up to him and say: just kidding, please put your lentils all up in my mouth!!

Lentils because I think that’s what Albanians eat.

In other news, it’s about that time…corporate holiday party time!! A time of drunken in-appropriateness and jazzed up twin-sets. Cannot wait. Perhaps I’ll stir up controversy and bring CK/Midtown D/Bang Bang as my ‘date’-mostly to get him tispy and push him off on the cougars in the office. Am using the term cougars loosely because these aren’t SEXY older woman…they are bitter, old, frigid women. No matter, nothing like a young loosely moral-ed buck to get their gears grindin’.
The season of giving begins!!!

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