Friday, November 12, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Good Finds

Sometimes when a hot dude starts losing their mystery they can still be interesting and you won't totally hate them. Such is the case with Clark Kent/Midtown D/Bang Bang- due to a lot of tequila there was a joke about him being a porn star in Albania, his name...Bang Bang. You have to say it with the accent for it to have it's full effect.
All in all, good times were had and I am left wondering HOW I was able to make it into work today...with clothes that match. Just means I am pretty impressive. I am impressed by my ability to maintain my class and lady-like capabilities by NOT being totally inappropriate with CK/Midtown D/Bang Bang...sure I was pretty much leaning on him when my second margarita was placed on the table, but nothing inappropriate. Even when he placed his hands on my person, I gulped my drink and politely told him he shouldn't do that. He wasn't offending me, he was just about to GET THOROUGHLY molested.
It was great because there was a comfort level so he and I will definitely be buddies...when I am not preoccupied with trying to straddle him. Good times.

Snacki Drew- because she is related to Nancy Drew because she has surpassed me with her investigative methods! I have spent most of the day amazed by her skillzzzzz. She has found out so much info about our new friend that I feel like we've known him FOREVER...hopefully I don't let it slip about the internet stalking that is taking place. I am known for my perma-foot-in-mouth disease....*sigh*
To return the favor I am working on getting Snacki a lil 'sutra in her life-karma sutra. There is this dude we call Bollywood that I work with who definitely wants to hand feed Snacki Drew his meat samosa (hahahhaha!), I shall make sure this happens.

I am on a roll here, I have found some very cool people in what I thought was a bleak work situation.

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