Friday, November 12, 2010

Continuation of Masterpiece pt 2

Check out this blog: in case you missed the beginning of this literary masterpiece. Here's some more for that assssssssssss!
Admittedly, I am moving at a SLOW pace, but I shall be moving full speed ahead soon enough! Work keeps distracting me. Bleah.

Mya’s eyes slowly open, she hears the whirring of a fan which makes her think she’s at home in her medium sized bedroom in Astoria, NY. When she looks towards the ceiling though, there is no ceiling fan. Instead there is a bare white ceiling and then the smell of salt water makes her slowly sit up and realize she was very far from Astoria.
She finally spots the fan, a standing silver one that is placed in front of two large open windows that reveal an aquamarine ocean whenever the white sheer curtains are lifted by a gentle breeze. She has on a sleeveless linen dress and is laying on the most comfortable bed she has ever laid her body upon. The white duvet surrounds her like a cloud and though the ceiling was white, the surrounding walls were a pale blue, so she felt as if she were floating in the sky. The floors are a dark wood and there’s bamboo nightstand beside the bed. A clock reads: 2:00 pm and there is a glass of water next to the clock.
Mya has no idea how she got here or why she appears to be paradise. The last thing she remembers was being in her bedroom with Jake and…Romulus…and then passing out. Suddenly, she jumps out of the bed remembering that Romulus said they would have ‘to mate’ to save the world. Almost as if she thought him up, Romulus appears in her doorway. He is wearing a white t-shirt and linen drawstring pants. He is barefoot and eating a mango. The mango didn’t cause Mya to salivate though, it was the sight of him. He was arguably the most attractive person she had ever seen. His light brown-almost copper colored eyes looked quizzically at her.

“Did you rest well?” He leans again the door jam content with eating his mango and taking in Mya. She wasn’t as refined as other women he found attractive, but there was something about her- besides the fact she was his soul mate and they together would produce a child that would save the world. Her skin was the color of almond milk and he felt that if he touched it, it would feel warm and soft. This is why Jake dressed and undressed her and he stayed far away fearing the temptation would be too great. Romulus was a man who prided himself on his restraint, but being around Mya made him feel careless. Like now, with her jet black tousled hair and almost resting on the top of her round breasts that peeked from the top of her dress- Romulus found himself needing to lean against something because he feared he would stumble into her just to touch her.

“Where am I? Where is Jake?” She knew she should feel more worried and think of possible weapons to use in case she didn’t like any of Romulus’s answers- then Mya wondered when she became a female movie action star ready for battle against a superior human vampire hybrid.

“We are in a beach house in Jamaica. Jake is doing a security check around the premises. We should be safe here for the time being-“

“Safe enough for us to…mate?” She caught the flicker in his eyes, for a brief moment he appeared to lose his cool demeanor. Cool and authoritative. For a brief moment though, Mya made him lose his cool and she took that to mean that maybe she is this force that can save the world.

“You are not here for us to mate. You are here for your safety. The Survivors will have a tough time dealing with all the sunshine and the inability to blend in. I am a local here who’s been talking about the visit from his two friends from New York-“

“I don’t know what is going on, I don’t know who you are! Where is Jake, I want to see him now!” Romulus disappears within a blink of Mya’s large brown eyes. This startles her and forces her to sit at the edge of the bed. The fan, along with the ocean breeze, soothes her again.
Jake enters the room leaving Romulus standing at the doorway. He knew he should probably leave them alone, but every since he found Mya,it became difficult to leave her side. It was even more difficult to watch her accept Jake’s comfort and glare at him from over his shoulder.

“Mya, I am sorry this is all happening and that I didn’t warn you about it-but I really never had the perfect opportunity to tell you without you thinking I was on drugs.” They both sit on the edge of the bed, Jake looks to Romulus for reassurance which he gets with a slight nod. “To make a long story short, this is Romulus. The love-child of a vampire and a human who started aging slower at twenty-one which then became to a halt at twenty-five, this makes him the perfect man basically-“ He smiles and nudges Mya who still has a deer caught in headlights look. “After all the bloodshed and murder, the Wise Ones kept him alive because they realized he could aid in the battle of good vs evil-“

“I thought they killed all the evil though-“ Mya says, she notices Romulus smile a little.

Jake continues, “ They didn’t realize how far and wide Romero spread his seed.

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