Friday, November 5, 2010

A Day; The Beginnings of a Novel

**This was supposed to be posted yesterday (Thursday, November 4th) but I had ISSUES**

The highlight of my day so far- am having dinner with awesome peeps tonight so I know there will be MANY more highlights- was when Taye Diggs was standing n' staring at the desserts in the cafe`. There was one slice of lemon coconut cake, once slice of chocolate cake and one slice of cheesecake. I swooped in from behind and took the cheesecake, he turns to me and is like: ah, I wanted the cheesecake.
And I so cleverly replied: you snooze you lose. I didn't even PRETEND to oblige him the slice, I just kept it moving. The look on his face and hearing him go to the kitchen to see if they had anymore AND THEN having to hear me retell the tale to Snacki because I enjoyed it so- was the cherry on top of an asshole day.

Am feeling really 'meh' which would explain why I am not thrilled about my 'novel' so far. Hopefully it'll get better...and I will spin yarn out of shit!!
Holy NanNoWriMo, Batman!!- Let me say I was inspired by my inner nerd and the nerdy chick who was my cashier at Barnes & Noble. She snorted as we discussed the sci-fi book I'm reading.
Here it goes:

Forever Kiss
The dream begins as it always does…
Cold crisp air, endless woods and the sound of muffled screams. They seem to get closer as Mya nears the small bonfire that appears out of nowhere. Suddenly he is there. A white glow surrounds him and he smiles holding out a pale hand. Mya wants to take his hand-it is an urgent feeling, she knows she’d be safe with him. The screams become more clear and louder to point that Mya wakes herself up screaming…never taking the man surrounded by white’s hand.
She is upright and looking wildly around her bedroom. She doesn’t know what she is looking for- the woods, the man, the reason for the screams. There is nothing. Her bedroom is dim and silent, suddenly her roommate appears in her doorway- Jake was annoyed, Mya could tell by his arms crossed over his bare chest …and the eye rolling.
“You had the dream again?” His voice is rough with sleep.
Mya’s erratic breathing was down to a slow pant, she trusted her voice not to give out on her, “Yes. I’m so sorry…” She really was. She wished she knew why three months ago the dream began and she wished she could stop them.
Jake sighs, “ Do you need anything?” Mya shakes her head, and he goes back into his bedroom-the door slams behind him.
Mya was once again alone and wondering how much longer before Jake kicked her out and she had to move back into her room in her parents brownstone. Jake was a great friend-her oldest friend. They grew up on the same block in Park Slope (Brooklyn) and she was the first person he came out to. They were close, but even best friends had their limits.
She lay back down letting the ceiling fan lure her back to sleep. In the morning she would call that sleep therapist Jake told her about- Jake burst back into the bedroom causing Mya to jump up.
“What?” Her brown eyes are wide.
“We have to go.” He says this as he finds a suitcase at the bottom of Mya’s organized closet. He frantically pulls clothes off hangers and throws them towards the suitcase. Mya also notices he’s dressed-a very unusual outfit for him. Jake’s usual uniform was: dark slim jeans, a t-shirt or sweater depending on the weather, a blazer and sleek leather sneakers. Now, he wore black slim cargo’s tucked into combat boots and a turtleneck. There was an ornate leather belt around his waist that held several wooden stakes.
“What? Where are we going?” Mya asks, she didn’t feel the need to move just yet. This was all overwhelming. She is startled by Jake’s usually calm slate blue eyes that were now fiery-almost glazed with intensity. He stops throwing clothes and looks at Mya, he begins to pace.
“I knew this day would come. I thought I would have time to finish my novel, but we’ve gotta save the world-“ Jake holds up an index finger as Mya is about to speak, “ it sounds crazy but that is what we have to do.”
He begins to tell the story just as his father told him when he fifteen and came out to this parents. They weren’t upset because they had a huge secret of their own…Jake was a Sacred Watcher.

As the story goes, long ago back when people died from colds, an Italian prince named Romero became gravely ill from something similar to the flu. His powerful parents sought out doctors from across the land with no one being able to cure their son. Each day he grew closer to death, his body weak and pale. Then one day an Egyptian cloaked in Chinese silks came to castle, his name was Rahkman and he spoke of various herbs that would help. Since they were so distraught and losing hope they didn’t scoff at the herbs or the fact that they would be mixed in blood. The prince drank the concoction and slept for 2 days, just as the king was about to order Rahkmans death, that very evening, the prince rose. He was more then well, he was magnificent. His skin was pale but luminescent and always cool, he seemed stronger though Though the king and queen were delighted they didn’t like that the Romero only sought council with Rahkman…and then he never rose before sun touched the Earth.
Soon the kingdom was plagued by deaths. Blood was drain from the bodies and there was no clue as to who or what would do such a thing-Rahkman knew. He was the one that made the prince what he was- an elegant blood drinking powerful monster. Rahkman thought he was helping to create stronger humans by not letting the slightest thing kill their fragile beings-instead he watched as a monster (Romero) drained the blood of men, women and children.

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