Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Things I am thankful for....

-My family- well the ones I keep in touch with and like. Of course my moms and bro fall under the category of ‘will put up with and love unconditionally no matter what/will slice a bitch for them’.

-My friends- the ones who call me a friend too and aren’t just ‘cool’ with me because of my looks, place in life, style and the fact that I fuck celebs. In fact, if anyone is friends with me for any of those reasons then they have been seriously misguided and/or heavily drugged.

-My humor…for if I didn’t have it I would either be in an insane asylum or in jail for stabbing bitches in the throat.

-My cat Mittens for loving me just as I am.

-The first sip of coffee in the morning…and my ability to buy coffee and an oatmeal or bagel. Hella thanks for having a j-o-b so that I can afford five dollar coffee.

-Living in New York City. Even when you’re not doing anything-like staying home and watching Gilmore Girls DVD’s…you’re still in BROOKLYN-another perk is actually being from here. Doesn’t make me cooler or better-just wiser, perceptive and more apt to stomp a trifling punk.

-Seeing a parent smiling/glowing while listening to their kid yammer on or when they’re just walking down the street holding hands- pretty much if my heart melts at the sight of a cute baby/animal then I know the icebox has not totally formed where my heart used to be and I can continue on with the fight…

-People actually reading my blog! Whenever anyone is like 'I read and enjoy your blog'- I am humbled and honored! Mostly I do things to keep myself entertained- was an only child for the longest time-so for others to be entertained and/or get something out of reading this- truly, I am soooo thankful.

-Kanye’s antics- sure I want to kick him on the chin, but at least he’s talented…AND entertaining…and mostly original.

-Long walks in somewhat fresh air.

-The warranty I bought when I got new headphones because I may need to get more NEW ONES!!!! Instead of paying fifty bucks, I should've bought the twenty dollar Hello Kitty ones I saw...

-Email- for reals, would have a hard time keeping in touch with my favorite people!

-…and a bunch of other things but right now I am so focused on not eating till I am sick again that I am having a hard time thinking of anything else. Hope everyone has a safe and pleasant holiday and remember it’s not ‘Thanksgiving’ it’s ‘Turkey Day’ or…’Gobblecock’. Happy Turkey Day/ Gobblecock everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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