Monday, November 1, 2010

Computer Love

Admittedly, I have been doing a half-assed job with the whole online dating thing. Mostly because I feel I can meet these cretins on the street. Also, I am lazy and don’t want to make the effort. Effort is what it takes to respond to emails, to read (painstakingly) over profiles and then to decide if their movie faves are enough to want them inside you (possibly).
I’m using the term ‘responding to emails’ loosely because I don’t usually respond because someone named MyCockNUrMouth has some how infiltrated my filtration's and has written me something grotesque. Actually, because I don’t have any titty pics (up on this site *wink wink*) they write me respectable emails like: hey ure kool and pretty. wanna hang out sometime??
Sometimes I get some good email back n’ forth going…and then I forget to sign back on for a bit. Me thinks no one has captured my interest…and I was sick of 50 yr old men checking me out- so I decided to just kill my profile. My friends are like NOOOOO! They say I have not given it a good try and have actually met only one person from the site- he wound up not being for me, but it was good to be lusted after by someone I found attractive AND who wasn’t a skin stealer.
Then I get a message from this one dude named Manuel. I knew from his over stylized facial hair and shirtless pics that he wasn’t going to get a response- but he boosted my ego when I read his profile and he wrote not to contact him if you’re a ‘fat girl’ which made me punch the air and say: fuck you Manuel!- then I remembered that HE wrote ME so I must not be fat. See, even anal cum can make your day!!
All in all, I’ll try to be better about making it happen for my loins- I mean, love wise and stop being so gung-ho about reading young adult sci-fi lit.

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