Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Just the Tip In

Snacki and I have been on a mission. A mission to discover all we can about Clark Kent- we're like 'Cagney and Lacey'...or like 'Sherlock Holmes n' Watson', only we're female and less coked out. The whole 'investigation' is moving along slowly which is good because the less mysterious a hot dude is- mysterious is when you make them interesting in your head. You make them ardent lovers and you just know he enjoys painting your toenails while watching your Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD's.
Anyways, the less mysterious a hot dude is, the less you'll want to bone all no-name n' whore-like in the back of an empty 1 train car.
So far we've only found out his first name and that he has a personality. He can still get it- which is a good thing.
Part of our 'investigating' also involves engaging the subject- Clark Kent. Since I can barely talk to him it's nice to have Snacki there to move things today. We were coming back from Starbucks when we see Clark Kent and some other guard posted up on the wall. We ask if they are enjoying holding up the walls- they both demonstrate how good they are at doing so. Very amateur/ corn-ball stuff, but at least I am building a repoire with him.
Then things could've gone BAD. Like 'me accused of sexual harassment and winding up working at the Starbucks I always go to' bad. Thankfully I had Snacki there to pull me from the dark side...but I was soooo close- so here's what happened...

Clark Kent: If you have a wall that needs holding up, lemme know...

Me: Oh I have a wall alright- (I stop myself from mentioning my 'sugar walls' needing to be held up by his metropolis [hmmm not sure about that one]. I literally stop mid sentence and walk quickly away with Snacki.)


In other news, because we are the same person-B and I- are participating in National Novel Writing Month, I will begin posting my impromptu novel. Just a lil ditty I've had in the back of my head but couldn't quite work out. B is doing the same on her blog- really, the only way people can tell us apart is her vast vocabulary and mamms.
Be on the look out for some greatness!

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