Monday, December 7, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Fumbling.

I knew today would be A DAY when I found myself standing in my living room staring off into space. Some nagging thing shook me out of my was a thought. There I was fully clothed-in professional attire, and I knew there was something I was forgetting.
Then it dawned on me. I HAD TO GO TO WORK.
Yeah, that happened. I'd like to blame lack of sleep or the alcohol (all weekend), but I think its age and having too many thoughts.
If only I could breeze through the day without thinking so much. Life would be easier. I would get more dates. Ah, it could all be so simple.
Alas, I am me, so I get to zone out and arrive 10 minutes late to work. Then when I get to work, I just keep fumbling. Little mistakes though, that were fixable...but they were dumb mistakes all the same.
After drinking some coffee and memorizing a few more words from my 100 Words to Make You Seem Smart book...a gift from a dear friend who also said: not that you need it. Today I needed it, I am running on nothing. Don't know what is going on. Went to bed at a decent time-OH, but then I couldn't fall ASLEEP! Was so tired, but couldn't sleep. Worst feeling ever.
Blair and House of Pain just laughed at me most of the day-which was cool, at least I brought amusement. I was able to get back at Blair though (I don't eff with HOP too much because she is an Irish gangsta AND studying to be a nurse-so she would know exactly how n' where to stab me to cause the most agonizing pain)- you see Blair revealed she is prone to weird illnesses. Like she had Scarlett fever...TWICE. I am like isn't that some Victorian day disease! How OLD are you??? This went on. Things got worse when I brought up how we were supposed to go out one night, but Blair fainted in a store and had to sleep all day. It was then decided that though Blair may be 23 she is like 98 in dog years. House of Pain and I are getting her a LifeAlert bracelet for Christmas, awww.

I started feeling a little more like myself after some coffee, but then I had to hang out at the bank for an hour. Very aggravating.....but I was thanked for my patience, which is saying a lot for me. I'm glad my vast maturity and logical nature shines through-sometimes.

The high lite of my day was finding a vending machine on my floor has GOOBERS!! Mmm mmm milk chocolate covered nuts. Lil bags of DELIGHT!!

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