Monday, December 28, 2009

The Place Where I Work: 15 Step Huxtable Moments

Post holiday and all is well.
The great thing about Christmas besides family, food and gifts (not just material either)…is that it brings you steps closer to a NEW YEAR. A clean slate. A time to get on the good foot…or try at least.
It’s a pretty significant end of year being that it’s the end of a DECADE. WTF?! Another decade gone, and what a time it was. Can’t believe 10 years ago I graduated from college and entered the shallow, party filled world of fashion (then left). Woah.
Anyways, I feel that 2010 is going to be big. That 2009 was just baby steps leading to the real deal! I spent a lot of this year beating myself up for not being where I felt I should be and thinking myself a failure.
This year, tough lessons were re-learned, mostly about contentment-not complacency AND how to BE ABOUT IT. We all know I can talk about it, now its time to shut the eff up and BE ABOUT IT. Found this whole inner peace thing because I know that I am the one that is steering this ship…
Okay, new age T over n’ out…

Lemme tell you about my holiday Huxtable moment.
Huxtable as in The Cosby Show AKA the Black family that showed peeps that Black people can be educated, wealthy and silly (not all we Black and are very serious abot this). Anywho, I had this grand idea to get my bro an iTouch because he is tech savvy, but doesn’t want to be the douche with an iPhone. He and I have these ‘keepin’ it really real’ phones that are good for phone calls and texts. Please note: I don’t think everyone who owns an iPhone is a douche, some of my favorite peeps have one, am just saying that he and I would feel douche-y if we had one.
So, I get my bro the iTouch thinking that he’ll learn all the tricks and teach me when I get mine later- we both HATE reading instructions. I figured (whenever I got it) I would hand him mine and he would hook it up. Well, because we are made from good stock- he got me an iTouch too. We both did an iTouch dance and I am putting together a photo montage of us iTouch’in- woah.
It felt like something Theo and Denise (Huxtable) would do. I mean it was sitcom-y because he opened his first, and I tried to disguise it and say it was cologne. When he saw the box he was all like- uhhhhhhhhhhhh and I was all hurt…not knowing that he knew the Apple wrapping because he got me the same thing. So I was all hurt thinking he hated the gift when really he loved it and was uhhhh because he has to deal with the fact that we’re a lot a like...meaning he is more of an insane asshole than he thought. Awww.

I am expecting this work week to be like last week. Quiet. Uneventful. Full of me not doing things I should, not taking advantage of the quiet times. Today was just Blair n’ I being crazy. B came over to add her brand of hilarious insanity to the mix. Drake is real hot n’ cold. One minute we’re cool, the next it’s like I stole his bike. Whatevs Drake. What kills me is that I get all upset (not really) because I think myself to be consistent with people. Slowly I’ve come to realize that I have my shady moments. Not intentional though. I just get deep in thought or I am staring off into space thinking about a trip to Puerto Rico- yeah that’s happening. Its cold, people. Cold and babygirl (me) needs some sun on that ass. I thought about doing a euro-tour, which would involve Spain, France and London…but have decided I want to move (and Europe is expensive, yo). It could be to either of those places or just somewhere in Brooklyn. Who knows? Anything is possible really and I’ve been wanting to live abroad for a minute. Why not now??
Okay the HIGHLITE of the day was when Blair was telling me how creepy I am. I was bored so I was facebook stalking the brother of this dude. The dude’s bro is HOT. Young, but HOT.

Blair: You know you’re being really creepy, right?

Me: I am just looking at his pics. He is hot.

Blair: Do you know anything about him?

Me: No. Just know he’s hot. It’s all superficial. Maybe I should write my friend and ask about his bro…

Blair: OMG! That is so creepy. What are you gonna say? ‘hey I like your brother and I facebook stalk him, hook-it-up, please.’

Me: I wouldn’t say please.

*during a silence where Blair is staring at me to see if I am serious, this dude walks by that I hate on sight. he doesn’t have a perm, but he looks like an ex. the guy is really nice though, so I refrain from hating hardcore.*

Blair: You are soooooo creepy.

Me: Dude, you’ve been working with me for how long-you should know how creepy I am!

*the dude I am refraining from hating hears this and laughs, he says it’s good to know…that I am a creep*

…speaking of Radiohead references. I’ve been listening to 15 Step on REPEAT (via the new iTouch). Me thinks the song shall be the theme for the beginning of the year.

To my reader, I hope the holidays were FANTASTIC and the New Year brings nothing but the best-and if it’s not always the best, a great lesson is learned.:)

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