Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Things To Do

Things I should’ve been doing during this holiday induced quiet time in the office:

-writing/sending out Christmas/New Year cards

-writing another chapter

-procuring Mariah Carey NYE show tickets

-contemplating ‘snow boots plan B’

-reading up on the newly passed Health Care Bill

-figuring out the REAL reason behind the Sarandon/Robbins split

-deciding on which dessert to make for NYE pre-game parties since I most likely will not be with MC-awww

-send Drake on fact finding mission: to see if the HEAD HONCHO drinks from a goblet made of gold, diamonds and baby skin.

-start reading the book I’ve been waiting to start for like 2 weeks now…The Likeness by Tana French. It’s the follow-up to In the Woods, which I finished a little bit ago. Have been on EDGE about this.

-planning out birthday and Christmas gifts for peeps in January

Things I actually accomplished during this holiday induced quiet time in the office:

-gave one Christmas card out to my Morning Starbucks Crew because they rock my world. Have stared at the rest of my Christmas cards and think I’ll have an early go next year…hopefully.

-if ‘writing a chapter’ meant staring at celeb gossip sites, reading New York Times online and looking at Facebook, then I’ve been writing a heck of another chapter.

-there’s still hope for Mariah and I, may get tickets next week, but then again hanging with peeps and drinking a bottle of Veuve in Prospect Park may be what’s up. Being anywhere in Manhattan on NYE is the equivalent of me anywhere near Beyonce’s sweaty leotard post-show. Disgusting and disturbing.

-a trip to Sephora to procure more products and my birthday gift that I never picked up! Merry Christmas to me!

-staring openly and blatantly into space

-watching the clock

-eating free lunch, and ate it like I had never been fed before. All this sitting around makes me ravenous.

-searching for a fuzzy winter hat

-contemplating what to make for Christmas dinner

-Sherlock Holmes this weekend? I think so, Watson.

-literally watching clock

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