Friday, December 11, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Bad Romance

Corporate America will kill/slay/eradicate/mutilate your soul, but if you are strong of will, you can persevere. When I first entered the corporate arena, I was young and didn't understand the game. I'm older n' wiser now, and totally get it. Its a mix of:

-give a lil bit of a fuck, or at least appear to.
-look clean and don't dress like you're headed to the club...even if you are after work
-don't lose focus on dreams/aspirations...especially if they don't involve status climbing in corporate America.

The reason why I allowed Corporate America to rape n' pillage my soul before was that I lacked focus. Didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. One minute it was culinary school and the next it was moving to London to work at a publishing company.
Now, I am focused on writing and letting life's adventures do what they may. Its a pretty serene way to live. Am not caught on where I should be or what I should be doing, am just trying to live yo!
So what does this have to do with my work hijinks's?
Well, I felt myself almost regressing back to being full of rage and disappointment. Its not like I mind what I do and I'm cool with the peeps....its just the grind. The MTA. The hoping that I don't get sucked into not 'living the dream' again.
Just a lot of me over thinking everything....but I realize that I am going to be okay. Dreams will be fulfilled, and I am so great at multi-tasking and grabbing the balls of life (...and men*wink wink*). Also, I can just look at B, who is doing the '9-5 thing' and just completed her first play (outside of school)...that is being produced and is fantastic.
So, it can be done.
Speaking of B, we had our weekly 'Burger n' Bitches' Friday (different themes, same burgers). This time we just danced it out to club remixes and discussed the complex psychological after effects of slavery.

Today was pretty tame though. Have been given more responsibility, which shows that I am not a total slacker...which is nice....UNLESS it cuts into my blogging/writing/facebook time. Then its a problem. Today my extra responsibilities cut into time needed to get Mariah Carey concert tickets!!!! I.WILL.DIE.and then come back as Hello Kitty in a white thong bikini wearing 6 inch heels...whew. This show is such a MUST SEE!
This week has been pretty busy though with after work activities and planning for the holiday party on Tuesday. I am going to be at work from 7AM-7:30PM. Nothing about that is cool-EXCEPT for the over time. I will definitely stab someone by 8PM Tuesday night though. Stab.
One of Drakes cronies asked if I am joining them for the holiday AFTERPARTY and I said hells yeah!!!-which could be the worst mistake I've ever made. Imagine me, already tired and then add alcohol to the mix...and then sprinkle in some Drake. As Gaga says, "this could be a bad romance, boo'.

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