Friday, December 18, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Caught A Case...

The day started with me realizing that Christmas is next week and I haven’t bought ANY gifts-yet. I’ve thought about it, went to check things out…but haven’t actually made any purchases. Then I remembered ‘this is ME’, and I know I am a last minute shopper! The important thing is I have a plan. I know exactly what I have to get, and the gifts are quite spectacular-which is pretty exciting.
Needless to say, I was in a good mood. Surprising right? A selfish, self centered grump who’s soooo into gift giving-I’m complex.
Don’t recall the exact time, but I know it was after I received ANOTHER free crème brulee` latte` from my Starbucks crew …and perhaps right before lunch-but I caught a fierce case of BITCH. Just hated everyone and everything. Anything that came out of my mouth was wretched, and I was unapologetic for it. Thought that this case of BITCH could be cured by me getting the snow boots I am OBSESSED with, but that didn’t happen so the bitch factor increased. I love when I don’t have the money or am not fully interested, I see the boots EVERYWHERE-and once I want them. Poof, they’re gone. Kinda like dudes who were at the top of my list of hate-just cause.
Drake was friendly, Blair was her usual spicy self- and then there was me. Eventually I started to feel bad that I was just so evil, and maybe apologized once.
Still have no clue what set me off, but think it has something to do with a thought. I know, GENIUS, right? Tend to do my best reflecting while doing work because what I do doesn’t require much thought. Me thinks I am having a delayed reaction to a situation-anyways I’m over it. Ready to be back to my easy going INSANE self.
Remember, its happy hour with the work peeps tonight!!
Do not worry about Drake and I (having too many drinks and then bonin’) because: 1) he isn’t coming and 2) I don’t shit where I eat.
I talk a lot of shit (come on, don’t act brand new), but when it comes down to it, I am not down with work relations. If he were my soul mate-well that’s just some shit you can’t fight, but I’ve been there and done that. When I was younger and still thought some dude would sweep me off my feet, I dabbled in office dating. It was a BAD IDEA. Pretty much ended with me leaving the job and dude stalking me. Not as fun as it sounds.
Though I mention Drake daily, once I leave the office he doesn’t cross my mind. Hence, him not being a soul mate…though he did tell me to turn my frown upside down-which was extremely corny, but cool because of that fact.
OH, you know what may have also set me off? I saw CloseUp first thing in the morning- well not saw, but had a conversation. Having a conversation with CloseUp (any time of day) is like moving your mouth and no sound comes out. B and I often bitch about how she does this thing where she’ll ask you a question- like hey, did you see that Bones episode where Cam n’ Bones went speed dating (never happened, but would be AWESOME)? And you reply, yes I did and I loved the part where the taxidermist said he wanted to mount Bones. She’ll then look at you and say, well in the episode the girls go speed dating and there was this awesome scene where this taxidermist says he wants to mount Bones.
See how frustrating that could be?! She does it consistently…hopefully the tequila will alleviate my need to stab.
….but what this is ME and TEQUILA! Better stick with vodka.

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