Friday, December 4, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Fickle Friday!

Friday!! My first full-regular week at the new job...and still, so far, so good. This pretty much sums up my feelings: when asked by the Black dude with a perm if people were treating me nice I responded, " I don't care as long as I get paid and can just do my job."
He laughed, got a semi and now I can't shake him! Of course, the one dude I hate ON SIGHT loves me! Its really only because he has a perm though. He seems nice enough, but I am a fickle creature-so EFF that guy.

Today was a day of discoveries and hijinks's. First, Blair and I worked a lot together which is always funny. It was mostly me mouthing 'I love you' to Drake-and almost getting caught- and Blair telling me I am coming on too strong. Then this consultant dude offered Blair a job because she's from Jersey- which she will no longer admit thanks to MTV's Jersey Shore (AKA the best show on TV). Once the dude left I let her know that that the dude's job offer was more along the lines of a HAND/BLOW job. B agreed (we were on our way out to lunch). Blair told us not to be so negative, and I said there is NOTHING negative about cock...unless you're a lesbian. Then B and I chuckled and left for BURGER n' MURDER Fridays!!!
Well, that's what we call 'em anyways. We decided to have lunch together on Fridays...which will mostly consist of us sharing a fries/onion ring combo and wine. There is murder involved because B may have met her own American Psycho at the burger joint.
There he was-all blonde, square jawed and preppy. He spotted B's mams (they are superb) from afar and was enamored. When he sipped his milkshake, he looked at her and said: YUMMY.
Basically, he was perfection. Only thing was, there was a plastic tarp covering his apartment floor...for the murdering. Thankfully B hasn't fallen victim...yet.

This afternoon I have discovered yet another glitch in my superbly strong amazing self- I am weak. Weak I tell you. Dudes make me weak. Even when I see no hope or possibility- there I am hoping and thinking the impossible.
No worries, I'll fall on my face soon enough.

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