Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Not Today.

Today has been a day. Its not like there was anything that majorly sucked, it was just a day. Can't put my finger on it, but I kinda wanted to punch today and I don't know why.
I mean there was a pizza party because the company is doing BIG TINGS...and we get rewarded with pizza. Pizza that I did not eat because I was way busy and not in the mood for pizza. Of course today being what it was, I didn't even have lunch-which didn't afford me to have a mood about pizza! Should've eaten it while the eating was good!
So, it was just me, an iced green tea and some gingerbread loaf for lunch...which means I am pissy. Hunger makes me stabby.
The bigger picture is I am closer to my goal of the chinchilla bikini-which is way more important than my health...or the health of others-you know the people I'll be stabbing.

We all know how I am looking forward to the holiday party. The perfect place to observe and take mental notes. In addition to this, Bollocks- another person I work with, she is called Bollocks because she is from England and is just a hoot. Hoot.- so Bollocks suggested that we-the people in my group all go for drinks the Friday after the holiday party! B and I had our hearts set on this spot Bobby Van's because it seems like rich moneyed white haired White men hang there..so we assume the whiskey will be good. Plus its called Bobby Vans. Another plus, is that we won't have to scream over loud trendy music and have to elbow bitches wearing Thory Birch in their rib cages. Just good ole fashioned getting drunk 'n talking shit. Well to a certain point. Mama didn't raise no fool. B and I won't let our hair totally down...only in a loose chignon.
Should be a good time FILLED with excellent stories...and perhaps some dirty deeds if Drake goes, which I doubt. If he does though...just keep me and the Patron AWAY from each other.

Oh another great thing about the holiday party- is the outfit. B and I are going to get the same dress in different colors-okay not really, but it would be a good idea. Most likely I'll wear what I've worn to work and hope it isn't wrinkled or stained with food because I am can be a clumsy beatch.

Tomorrow, when I hopefully won't find myself staring at my nails like today, I will introduce you to 2 more characters: Don Juan and Blair.
For now...adieu.

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