Monday, December 21, 2009


Woah sums up just about everything right now. Work. Life. The muscles in my legs. My ability to NOT lay my head on my desk.
I want to so very badly. This sounds like a Typical Monday, but its more because I did a lot of no-no's on Saturday- that were worth it in the end, but still shouldn't have done.

No-no#1: Should've eaten more than one meal.
No-no#2: Should not have drunken ginger martini with only meal of the day.
No-no#3: Should have looked outside after dinner and decided to head back home to Brooklyn, and not have stayed out till about 4AM when the snow was way higher.
No-no#4: Smart enough to not drink tequila at the tequila den(somebody would've gotten punched), but then not smart enough to say no to whiskey shot and then vodka shot...after drinking 3 ciders.
no-no#5: Waiting for the last minute to grab snow boots, not finding them and wearing beloved fringed Uggs which became casualties in STORM 2009!!! *le sigh*

So, Monday has been about recovery and quiet reflection. I've been humorless, and pretty much have the personality of a pen. I look good though. Looking good is half the battle. The other half-which matters more- is FEELING GOOD. Though my feeling like crap mostly, is my fault, mentally and emotionally I feel good. Long, silent walks in the snow are ways to get your shit in order.
I started out all 'eff that and eff this' and came to remember that when you allow certain things, don't be mad when they happen. Like allowing myself to party during a snowstorm, or not eat, or like dudes that like attention, but not me.
So I can't get all mad, unless its at myself...which I do, but I loves me and I make up by having dudes fetch me muffins, and by wearing knit dresses that keep me warm and show my womanlynutricious physique.

Sorry this is not at all work related, but I was not an active participant in the day-EXCEPT for discussing B's life as an amputee. She has amazing insurance and thinks if she were to lose her arms, life might not suck so much. Also, may have gotten Drake to have a 'burger & martini' party which will involve less martini and more me and his meat. Hmmmm. I told him to invite everyone though.

Honey T's brain is over and out...for now.

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