Wednesday, December 9, 2009

True Story: Recent Conversations pt 4

Here I am killing another 2 birds with the same stone. This conversation happened at work, it is not one of the better ones, but it proves my knack for placing my foot in my mouth. Also my resolve to give a fuck-sometimes.
The setting is: Blair and I doing our usual…trying to keep each other awake when it’s not stark raving INSANE up in this piece. We have these quiet moments where we say inappropriate things, discuss life, play office survivor, and say mean things to each other till we hurt. Aww. It’s a great budding friendship. Things got interesting when Drake got into the mix.

Drake: (actually smiles, waves) Hello…*mumble, incoherent something or other* (he then makes a fast escape before he was made to say ANYTHING else- he also pretends to work)

Blair: …did he just say hello to …you? (is shocked because she knows I *heart* him and that he hates me)

Me: Yep.

Blair: He just said: hello buddy. You guys are buddies now?

Me: No, no…he said: hello LOVER! We are lovers now, but keeping it on the DL.

Blair: (looks at me un-amused) No, seriously…he said: hello buddy. Who says that? When did you guys become ‘buddies’?

Me: We are lovers.

House of Pain: He has a girlfriend.

Me: I don’t care. (look at them) You know I am kidding right? I don’t really want him…

Blair: I don’t know. You seem like you love him. He seems like he loves you…buddies? (says to self)

Me: Lovers.

{Drake who was never too far- and though we were speaking in low tones- looks at us and shakes his head without smiling. He then looks at me and smirks.}

Blair: Shit, he totally heard us.

Me: Yep.

Blair: Well at least all your cards are on the table…

Me: (slightly freaking out) Man, he’s gonna think I want him! I just want him to be my office boo!

Blair: You do a lil bit…

Me: No. He is my office boo. Just some fun to make the day go by faster. Ugh.

House of Pain: You are such a guy. The moment things get real, you’re all ‘I didn’t mean that’.

Me: You speak many truths…

House of Pain: I know.

Blair: Well, I wouldn’t worry, its not like he speaks.

...aaaannnd scene!

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