Wednesday, December 9, 2009

True Story: Recent Conversations pt 3

This will kill two birds with one stone because this conversation took place at work-so it counts as a work blog as well. Yay.
Remember that Black dude with a perm-wears his hair in a ponytail-and I hated him ON SIGHT?! Well B so cleverly came up with a name for him: Black Tom Cruise…because he is the Black Tom Cruise. They are both short legged, walk with a kick, dress like they should be/probably are gay AND they’re annoying, but you can’t put your finger on WHY.
OF COURSE because I hate dude on sight, he LOVES ME.
So this happened:

Black Tom Cruise: …so you’re Caribbean right?

Me: No. (short as my answer was, I was still pleasant)

BTC: You’re not…really?

Me: (still pleasant) No. People always think I am, but unless the Caribbean is in Brooklyn…

BTC: So you’re not from the islands?

Me: No…

BTC: You have family from the South though?

Me: Yep.

BTC: Man, you really look like you’re from the Islands though…(I remain silent, not trusting myself. I’m bound to say something hurtful to this guy, so I just shrug my shoulders thinking silence would cause him to venture elsewhere, but I am not that lucky) So, I’m about to go to lunch…

Me: That’s cool, enjoy.

BTC: You should go with me…(the look on my face must’ve been SOMETHING, something I wish had captured on film. He begins laughing nervously-)…just kidding.

I remain silent till he walks away. He has since kept his distance, which is better for the both of us.

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