Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All Up In His Funky Bunch

Last night I met up with my food club- we are known as the Grub + Tug Supper Club and we are awesome. There's an amazing story as to how we got our name but that is neither here nor there...
So there we are eating and talking shit when I somehow come to an epiphany that I wouldn't mind bangin' Mark Wahlberg AKA Marky Mark- OH, one of our guests (we are 5 members but are allowed one guest to join us, the only criteria is that the person not suck and if they do they are AMAZING at it) mentioned the movie The Fighter. Mark W. is in that along with Christian Bale, I have wanted to see this movie, but instead I go see things like Season of the Witch-which sucked in the worst and BEST way.
I bring up wanting to bone Marky Mark which was kind of a revelation because I mean...really?-but he is pretty hot and I like his demeanor- I have never revealed this (used to be) secret want of mine.
We leave the eating establishment basking in the snowfall when our waiter- who was outside smoking- informs us that Tom Selleck is filming something across the street.
I instantly yell: Magnum PI!!!- Double D (a food club member) mentions how she wants Tom Selleck to be Burt Reynolds for some reason.

...I continued on further proving why I am NOT as cool n' sexy as one would think, I mention how Magnum PI is filming that show Blue Bloods (comes on CBS used to be Friday nights, but now I think it's Tuesdays-really good show!!)and then I go on to say: oh shit! Donnie Wahlberg is on that show- Tom Selleck pass on a message to him, tell him I wanna bone his brother Mark Wahlberg!!!
I do this while thrusting the snow-flurried air.
It was then discussed how I am THIS close to boning Marky Mark for REALS!!! This is because my friends feed into my disillusionment...which is why we are friends!

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