Monday, January 31, 2011

The Place Where I Work: Nip/Tuck...but not so much...

Always interesting when you're temping gig to gig. Last week I was back at the financial place that didn't totally deplete my soul- it is also where Taller Latino Prince dwells. I wish he wore ruffles or something, it would keep me interested.
...anyways this week I am working at a doctors office- not a plastic surgeon- but definitely a doctor that caters to peeps with cheddah INCLUDING celebs. Let's just say I AM THIS close to another Oprah run-in. When that happens, look for me on show will be on after Gayle's!
Besides running around like a chicken with its head cutoff...leaving NO TIME to share my thoughts on Facebook or to blog or have B send me pics of Nicholas Cage looking pensive with his weave blowing in the wind- I find myself checking out just HOW MUCH plastic surgery peeps have had. You know moneyed peeps LOVE themselves some botox and plastic surgery.
What moneyed peeps fail to realize is HOW HORRIBLE THEY LOOK!!! No one ever looks natural or human-just crazy and waxy. Bleah.
Of course there are no hot dudes-yet. It is a small office and dudes are either overly botoxed gays or mad LL Bean. LL Bean is my term for plain jane dudes who most likely wear...LL Bean.
We'll see how it all goes...

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