Thursday, January 27, 2011


It seems like it would be HARD to beat me dressed as a wizard with Michael Caine (aka Alfred from Batman movies) as my go-to man- see Snakes, Wizardry and The Revolution blog- but I have truly out dreamed myself, yo!
Now I almost forgot about this due to the FUCKIN' SNOW and trekking into work, but suddenly as I was getting ass blasted by work I remembered this amazing dream.

Of course I never know how it all begins, just know that I was Oprah's sidekick and we were filming a show about....wait for it....air sex cook offs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My subconscious WINS!!!!!
Anywho, Oprah was wearing a yellow (most likely cashmere) sweater and we were in this staged kitchen. There was a woman holding a rolling pin, wearing an apron...making an 'O' face as she slow grinded the air. Oprah and I both look at each other most likely with the same expression of 'HOLY SHIT!'

That is all I can remember because my alarm went off and I went into snow mode. This meant preparing myself for the possibility/reality of my trains not running and having to trek to another train...which is what I did.
Remembering this dream made it alllllllllllllllll better!

**Please note: Though Air Sex Championships exist- Air Sex Cookoff's DO NOT! This is why my subconscious WINS. So know that if there ever is a day when they DO exist, it was me. Me and my subconscious...and maybe whatever I had for dinner last night.**

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