Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Place Where I Work: Warm Body

Once in a while it'll be raining out so I'll be sleeping in soundly. Dreaming of kicking up my Laboutin covered feet on a bed of Egyptian cotton sheets and The Rock has just blended me a pina colada...and is shirtless, and wants to play a board game.
Then my phone rings-bringing back to my reality- and it is my agency and I am needed for an assignment for the day. Awesome.
I throw on clothing. Gulp down coffee and curse as I realize it is raining and icy. As I keep myself upright and walking at a fast pace, I notice a guy wearing a manfur (man wearing a fur coat-most hated by me). he has no umbrella. I smirk at him in a hateful way...'have fun smelling like a wet animal all day, dude!' I think to myself.
Once at my assignment- slightly later because the MTA stays sucking on massive cocks- I am greeted by free beverages and various TV screens showing ships n' shit- also a dude who says: if you need anything, give me a ring.
I ask him for a burger and fries, he chuckles and disappears.
Then I read over things. Get myself acquainted with the lay of the land. Once bored I begin my search for hot dudes- there are none. This is when I begin my blog reading which helps. Some assignments just require a warm body and not any use of my brain, combat skills or culinary skills.
I'm not complainging though because I am getting paid. I am smiling a lot so that if I am available and there is need for a warm body- they call on me.
....soon, the ends will justify the means.

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