Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snakes, Wizardry and the Revolution

As you know from my previous dream dreams can be INSANE but give amazing insight as to how my mind works. When I woke up from this dream-at first I was like: what.that.fuck????
Then upon further pondering I understand that though random my dream makes sense (sometimes)!

Okay, the dream took place at this English countryside looking place. I am dressed in a jazzy cloak because I am dressed as a wizard. The house I am in is Tudor-styled and filled with people, outside of the house a fair seems to be going on. I am throwing this fair and people are supposed to dress up but most don't. This has pissed me off. By my side is this 'Alfred-type' (aka Bruce Wayne/Batman's manservant)...not sure if it was Michael Caine. He is calming me down and telling me how I have dinner later with my boyfriend- Jim/John Belushi! Dunno if it's the dead one or the one that had that awful sitcom with blond anorexic chick from Melrose Place...

Anyways, my friends B and Jesse show up, both dressed up because they love me. B is dressed as Hell Boy (aka Ron Perlman aka The Beast from the CBS show that was a fave: Beauty and the Beast. Linda Hamilton was The Beauty-pre Terminator man-bod). Jesse dressed up as the surgeon dude from Prince's Revolution (the Purple Rain album, etc.). They were hanging out with someone who had a snake. A snake that was trying to bite people, knowing how much I hate snakes and all, they took their friend out to the fair and said they would meet me later.

After a long while of Michael Caine-maybe droning on and on about my responsibilities, I spot B and Jesse walking around the fair seeming to have a great time, so I go join them. The snake person left them. These two Italian guys (I know this because they were speaking Italian) were all over them. Which was fine for B who is single, but not for Jesse who is married to JK whom we all love...and who we know will KILL A BITCH.
Jesse is nicely trying to get away from the Italian guy on her and I am telling him he needs to beat it, I even tell Jesse to show him her ring-which she does. He says he doesn't care and JK wasn't there. Just as he says that, JK appears. I tell the feisty Italian dude to BACK OFF because JK will kill him. JK is oblivious but then see's Jesse's face and heads towards her, he notices the Italian and proceeds to throw the dude through a small door opening that suddenly appeared.

Action packed and seemingly random, but I think I understand it. My brain needs to process things...and also/mostly, my mind is a mystery to me.
So the thing with the snake stems from me reading this story yesterday about how this dude assaulted this woman with a snake. No, not his TROUSER snake. A snake. he put it inside her and it bit her. INSIDE HER...meaning probably her cervix OR a vag wall!!!!! This freaked me out, I couldn't even finish the article.
As for the Hell Boy/Ron Perlman thing- that stems from them commercials for that Season of the Witch movie. Hate Nic Cage, love Ron Perlman. I don't know what it is...maybe because he played the Beast...or that one time I followed him around Soho (New York)-well he and his wife. I followed them because I have an uncanny love for him...not sexual, but a daddy-kind. His wife is Black too...and has slanted eyes and KILLER cheekbones, so it was a possibility. Once I felt crazy enough, I stopped following he and his wife...and my heart felt warm because he seemed cool. I think B was dressed up as Hell Boy aka Ron Perlman because we are going to see Season of the Witch- because we know we'll hate it BUT we HAVE to see it. That's how we do.
As for the English countryside, Michael Caine-maybe, me dressed as wizard, the fair, me dating a Belushi brother, the Italian dudes- I have no idea about that. Now, Jesse dressed as the surgeon from Prince's Revolution is a given because we both ADORE Prince and I recently had on a mask and did the Revolution dance a few days ago- long story.


  1. how the hell did i miss this?!! i am ridiculously excited to have shown up as the revolution surgeon!! and cannot wait to bring up your wizard costume everytime i see you in 2011. probably 2012, too, i'll be honest.

  2. yeah this was one of the most epic dreams i've had in a long while. it wins on many time we hang out i promise to draw diagram of my wizard cloak. also, you were pretty rad as the surgeon-you have the PERFECT hair for it!! halloween 2011!!!!!!!!!!!