Sunday, January 2, 2011

If There Are No Pictures....

...did it really happen??
I've been asking myself that question a lot lately since my camera is broken. Since my phone is an 'antique' and I have the iTouch WITHOUT the camera (the one with a camera came out a few months after, another reason why Steve Jobs can eat a vat of dicks)I have no way to capture the special moments...except with my words. So no more documenting the times when I decide to rock red lips and a lil black everyone think I am really trying to bring the street urchin look into 2011.
You see I ended my year giving half of a fuck which meant hats and hair just everywhere. I looked like a sexy Oliver Twist reject. So many pictures with this look that will not be outdone by my giving more a fuck in 2011! Yay...ugh...

Will the amazing moments that occur in my life be lost forever? Like running into the guy who walks around Manhattan with a cat on his head (there is a man in London who walks around with a small dog on his head and I was so amazed that I missed taking a picture!!!). I see things like this all the time...and now I'll have no proof so people will just think I am some writer with an overactive imagination. Ugh and *sigh*.

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