Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Idris Elba,

A few years ago while coming back from lunch I ran into you-and it was magical. There you stood across the street on your cell and I instantly noticed you. I mean, you are fine. Tall, broad shouldered, with the walk of a long lean jungle cat.
I didn't know who you were...and then you said 'hello'. To me. You also checked me out-obviously you have great taste.
I didn't jump you right then n' there because I was seeing someone and as much as I talk A LOT of SHIT, I am not the cheating type.
...of course, had I known he would turn out to be lame- I would've at least properly followed/stalked you.
I have mentioned this before, but I like reliving this moment. It also causes me to kick myself repeatedly.

Anyways, I am writing because I heard that the chick you settled for (most likely because you couldn't have me) told you she was carrying your baby and then you found out that wasn't true. Good on ya for getting a DNA test, but it does suck to be played so hard when you could've been boo'd up real decent-like with me.
All I'm saying is...come home boo. Like LL (Cool J) says at the end of the classic 'I Need Love': I'll be waiting... I love you
...okay I think he says that-either way it works!

Honey T

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