Tuesday, January 4, 2011

As The Online (Dating) World Turns

It is 2011 and I still haven't deleted my online account- I still say YET. Yet, because we all know how I am not into the online thing. Mostly because I feel I can meet most of these crazy cretins on the train or while waiting for a sandwich.
It hasn't all been all about crazies and my skin being peeled off and made into a caftan.
...but then I get a message from a seemingly normal guy.
He starts out saying how beautiful I am.
Great, he has eyes and taste.
Then he asks how I am doing.
Great again, a lil conversation.
He happens to be White (Jewish), and this matters because he then asks if it is okay to want be the(insert some food that has to do with him being White...like whipped cream)in my (insert some food that has to do with me being Black like hot cocoa for instance). I let him know that if this continues it will be creepy- once I assess that he WAS NOT joking.
He apologizes and says that he just finds me attractive....and then drops the bombshell. The thing that made me just drop the convo, block him and almost delete my account- but 2011 is about not letting the bullshit hold ya back.
...so, he says: I just want to get to know you and perhaps we can make sweet sweet love because I am about to turn 30 and I don't want to be a virgin at 30.


So, I still have an account for now. I'm staying strong....but we all know I have my limits.

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