Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Private Funding. Do It.

Though I have spent the greater part of this summer unemployed-which wouldn't be a problem if money grew on tree's or if I had a sugar daddy, but sadly this isn't the case.
With all this free time I have tried to better myself with writing classes, publishing courses, hanging in various book stores, art explorations, beach treks, recipe testing, neighborhood explorations, wishing I was in foreign lands and then just eating foreign food, dude-watching and sleeping for REAL.
When I do work, its pleasant enough, but its these odd times in between....when I start to look around the room n' wonder: WHAT.THE.FUCK?
I mean, I went to college. Got a degree. Didn't go into said field, nor do I plan on going back to school. Was seconds from going to culinary school, but realized that I still owed money for my undergrad ....and could have been making a shit-ton of money in said field (I got degree in) therefore being in okay standing with loan payments...and having a grand ole time in culinary school...
Would've opened my own bed n' breakfast in a quaint 3 story house located near a babbling brook and a town filled everyone who knows your name. I would be the in house chef, wearing kitten-heels and a sophisticated apron. I would have my second-in-command take over on Saturday afternoons as I shopped at farmers markets and grocery stores procuring our menu for the week. Have no idea what I would name my bed n' breakfast, just know that it would be quaint n' homey...and that all fights would be solved with dance battles.
So, I spend a lot of my in between time either drinking, sleeping or thinking myself a failure. What am I doing? Why do I feel like I am moving forward so slow that its like I am not moving at all? I have friends who are doing great things or on the verge of doing great things...and I feel like I am just talking about doing great things...
This could all be because I woke up at 11AM today wondered: what shall I do today? Laundry-nope. Re-organizing-nah. Write-maybe. Go to bookstore, drink coffee and then meet up with peeps at trendy Vietnamese spot-hells yes.
Wait...this isn't so bad. Now, if I can only find someone to FUND this lifestyle. I am firm a believer in hard work-and I am doing that, but a chick likes to luxuriate too. Its not like I want it to be some dude supporting me because that would entail dealing with that dude on a daily basis or something.
Just want someone to anonymously fund me...just cuz.

When I am working again next week, I will feel slightly accomplished...less loser-ly. I will still be seeking that private fund-er though- ooo now I am singing Tina Turner's classic 'Private Dancer' in my head. Good stuff.


  1. I need this too, a Private Funder to send me to photography school in Paris.

  2. Yes! People need to realize how deserving we are of these things...I mean we are a few of cool chicks I know- not assholes n' toolkits like most.
    PRIVATE FUNDING '09-'10!!!!!!!!!

  3. speaking of tools... i saw tool academy at the gym last night. imma have to go to the gym every monday!

  4. oh man, I watched like 5 mins of them coming down the TOOL pink carpet and had to turn after the 20th pelvic thrust.

  5. i missed that part, just saw them crying and their girls giving them pieces of their minds, and the cold bitch in the front of the room who i think was like a couple's counselor.

    i like seing douchebags broken down with the truth.

  6. dude, i like seeing EVERYONE broken down by the truth. its why i breathe!!