Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Done!

Never have I dreaded going to a TEMP assignment. I mean, its a temp assignment. Its like a 'fuck buddy', you don't get attached and its all good because it is what it is. Don't catch feelin's.
Hate this place though. Hate. It is chock-full with burping, rich republican dudes. Am done. Am counting the HOURS till it is over. Tuesday. Tried to get out of it earlier-yeah I did- but I am a professional.
Perhaps this is my own personal brand of karma because of all the HOTNESS and ass watching at the soccer place. Definitely no ass watching here- more like asshole observing.
Get to see a lot of nose picking. Crispin Long definitely has an Asian he only hangs with the Asian dudes in the office. He's weird. The Gang of Guys also blatantly stare at my boobs...and I don't have like...major tittays. Plus, I keep them 'corporate rated'. Ugh.
Besides looking forward to 4:45PM-yeah can't even make it to 5! I look forward to lunch. Where I roam high-end stores and dream. Also, I plot my fall look and make fun of tourists. Good times
....oh I stopped in H&M because I have to come back to REALITY-um, I missed the memo on thick THICK corduroy being back in. Like in the early 90's....every group wore Color Me Badd- who I've been thinking about lately. I aaaadooooore, miiii amore.....-woah.

Back to the dream though. All this dread and gloom got me to wondering. What if I packed it all away and moved to Buffalo. Worked at the Alrbight Knox Gallery. Got a nice house-would have tailgating parties (BILLS/SABERS). Would take dance classes and do local theater. Bump into a dude at Casino Niagara, he'd make me chuckle-he would become my hubby. We'd hang at the Galleria. I'd drop a seed. I'd write my book. Learn how to drive. Live the dream. *sigh*

So, yeah. Cannot wait to be DONE with this place. Wanna fun n' fancy-free again!!!!


  1. I know someone in high places over at the art gallery. let me know if you need me to put in a good word. ;) -tricia

  2. tricia...i just MAY take you up on that....

    ...EVERYDAY i miss the t&s!