Sunday, September 6, 2009

Some Things I Learned This Summer by Me

1) Dear Mosquito’s,
You win.

Honey T

2) How to drink whiskey thanks to Jennifer D. (topshelf tastes), and countless others who drove me to it.

3) No excuses. Show n’ prove.

4) I don’t have to drink (Patron) to have a good time-no, no. Already knew this, but being broke mostly, helped to reinforce this and strengthen my LOVELY personality skills.

5) Um, Lady Gaga is worthy of a swift kick to the throat (3 times), but I own her CD. Yeah.

6) Dudes don’t *heart* me.

7) My peeps *heart* me.

8) I *heart* dudes.

9) Having no money/stable job doesn’t mean your summer has to suck!! Don’t get me wrong, the summer was TOUGH, but it wasn’t a total waste. Just proves good people and a fighting spirit goes a LONG way.

10) Drake-the new rapper, part of Lil Wayne’s band of semen guzzlers AKA Young Money or whatnot-is OVERRATED. Not just overrated, he SUCKS. He has no charisma. No…hutzspah (sp). I tried to rally for him-him being light skinned n’ all-but no dice. He is wack…and that is, just the way it is.

11) Reality shows have gotten…meh. Well the ones I used to enjoy watching. Top Chef= meh, will keep as background noise as I research quirky news stories. Real Housewives of Atlanta= meh, will watch for Dwight! Project Runway= double meh, stopped watching.

12) When I was younger I was considered a people person, have realized I don’t like people and am becoming more n’ more anti-social.

13) Shit is real. Really real.

14) Priceless- friends, new and old…makes a schmuck like myself feel like I am doing SOMETHING right.

15) My bro is growing up. Aww, I changed his diapers…well once.

16) Brunches are forever.

17) I get in my own way. Be prepared, I am coming out guns blazing!

18) My hair is the most gangsta bitch I know. Does what it wants, when it wants and is all like boo yaa, bitch!!

19) Maxwell, always n’ forever.

Am sure I learned some more, but can’t remember due to vodka intake.


  1. not at all! all about keepin' the head up and numbing with alcohol! HA!!!!