Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Place Where I Work: I *heart* dudes.

I really do...*heart* dudes. So much so, I was recently on the 1 train with 2 friends and proclaimed: I could never be a lesbian because I *heart* dudes!!
At the time there was this gorgeous guy who kept penetrating me...with his stare. He had the most lovely almond shaped brown eyes, milk chocolate skin, full lips and neat long locks. Mmm mmm.
I soon forgot about him because as I rode the Q train home there was this other hot dude...and so the story goes.
This doesn't make me one big walking hormone, nor do I center my world around the pursuit of dudes, but BOY do I love to look. My friends would say that is ALL I do. Talk a good game and look. Pretty harmless.
I am a self-proclaimed 'mind whore'- meaning I've slept with HUNDREDS of dudes...in my head. It's better that way.
Monogamy is no problem for me because I just like to look. Am respectful with it, and enjoy hanging with fellow femme's who just appreciate the male form.
Its the most delicious cherry on top when these dudes open their mouths and have something interesting to say...but I never expect much. Its like waiting to see unicorns running on rainbows, have to keep the hopes simple.
This may all seem shallow, and most of the time it is, but if I am just looking and not pursuing dudes based solely on their appearance...then is it really shallow? I know and understand that true beauty comes from within-but everything doesn't have to be soooooo deep.

This all brings me to the place I am working at for the next few days. I've worked here before-let's say they deal in the sport of soccer (which I naturally equate with soccer thighs which make me smile for no reason). When I first worked here I was 'slidin' off my chair'(female equivalent to a semi) on the regs. Hot dudes in suits. International. With accents. Guys who change from their suits to soccer cleats to play after work. Guys who understand the beauty of cashmere, but can discuss sports and great burger spots.
They make my heart pitter-patter. They make me pleased I am a WOMAN!
Once I leave, I totally forget all of them because there's always another hot dude just a block away in NYC....

I wanted to discuss more than just my love of all things dudes-even when I hate them...mmm I *heart* them....more importantly let's talk about my day.
Nothing too eventful. Just me and some hot dudes, who all seemed to have missed me. I missed them too. There are discussions as to why I never attended a happy hour-because if you give me some Patron somebody (me) is gonna say or do things they'll regret which may result in sweaty indulgences and awkward run-ins in the kitchen area.
I understand my weakness.
So working here is another breeze. I go to lunch, again meeting up with peeps that work in the hood. The hood that is rather close to where I worked a week ago. You remember, the medical investment company that I wanted to know nothing about.
The place where I met the man who will one day de-bone me and then make sweet love to my skin AKA MIT.
...so I'm walking to meet up with my lunchtime peeps. Checking time. Checking hair because it keeps getting bigger. When a male person uses his body to stop me. I look up-wanna look into the eyes of the dude who's shiny loafers were about to get STOMPED on- my mouth falls open, my eyes go wide. It's MIT!! He and The Dude are on their way to lunch!!! I say:hey yyyy yyyy (it gets all broken up with a mix of awkwardness and surprise) and he says: hey you! The Dude says hi! I explain that I had to run, but it was GREAT running into them. I then scamper off forgetting to tell them to say hi to everyone. I was so put-off. I mean, yeah they work in the area, but who would've thunk??!!!
I then come back from lunch and have a pleasantly awkward convo with the The Leer or The Linger....forgot the name I gave this rather sexy Italian dude by way of London. Maybe when I was here the last time he mentioned we should 'get together' and maybe I mumbled something about a soccer game and derailed him thinking I would have a job by now and never come back. WRONG. Luckily, he's nice, can hold a great conversation and is easy on the eyes. Yes, he mentioned definitely getting together...and he is wearing a fitted suit with skinny tie.
Must resist.
...until tomorrow at least.


  1. I'm sorry I'm saying this, but I'm so glad you're back at work! I missed these.

    "...It's like waiting to see unicorns running on rainbows..." - ha!! For real

    Poor MIT. I bet he misses you. Did he at least get some chest bump action when he stopped you with his body? heheh

  2. I mean work is cool, till that PRIVATE FUNDING comes through...

    DUDE, MIT was sure to get a feel on the girls...with his chest! real smoov.