Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Place Where I Work: Past Life Must've Been Wicked

You know its A DAY when you find yourself contemplating what you've done in a past life to be put through such tedium while waiting for a functioning (i.e. INTERNET capable)computer. Sure, I have NB (Nate Berkus) working with me...and he really is the best. Not just cuz he finds me amusing-which he does, most of the time I think he is laughing AT me though.
What we're doing could be interesting...if I were interested and were able to read the New York Times online!
Beginning to wonder if it REALLY is in my character to pole dance or date a rich douchebag so I can buy a lot of shoes...these are a few of the things I think about while I do what I do...eyes hurting from staring at a computer screen that isn't on Facebook...or staring at a TV screen that isn't on the channel showing my afternoon lineup of: Gilmore Girls, Tyra, and Bones.
I also wonder about Jon Secada. What happened to him? His face annoyed me and he was NO Chayanne, but his short blow-out do intrigued me. Also, he liked wearing vests with no shirts and holey jeans...a la Girado! (Rico Suave)...
Yeah, my brain goes THERE...
Then my eyes fall upon one of the Gang of Guys who keeps staring at me for some reason. Am disgusted with all them though. The burping. The idle chat...and I think they hate on NB-he doesn't like them either though. They might even be jealous of us because we are pretty cool and could give a fuck...though NB is NOT a temp.
Can't fully hate on the Gang of Guys though because they may be my ticket to Jimmy Fallon which will lead me to Saturday Night Live! and maybe Andy Samberg.... of the Guys just picks up the phone and calls Jimmy Fallon, and they chat. Like I would call you...or you...maybe even YOU!
Will investigate this.
Besides contemplating life and Fallon...and getting stared at...I find myself staring at CL (Cripsin Long). CL is *sniffle* Gmailing. Looking at Japanese graphic designs (his wife is Japanese). Eating homemade cookies out of his ziplock...and ...picking his nose. For like 40mins. Straight DIGGIN'. I get it, it happens...but 40mins?? With the cookies...and the Gmail?! Would never defy Gmail like that...oh when they hook me up with a better computer...oh HOW good I'll be to Gmail. So good.
Needless to say, I was DISGUSTED. CL is no longer one of my faves. A-Game and NB still are though.
This morning A-Game and I had good chats in the Rocketeria as she fixed herself some coffee and I had water.

...In other news, my hair has gone all soft n' wavy. I am like Irene Cara circa 'What A Feeling' FAME I believe....
...or I look like Rolph...or Ralph...the brown dog who was part of the Muppet's. Hmmm.


  1. Things *I* wonder about: What ever happened to Sisqo? What ever happened to Leroy from Fame? Whatever happened to Stephanie Zimbalist of Remington Steele fame? Is John Tesh still producing his "music"? SO much to ponder!

  2. woah. john tesh!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hated the piano playing.
    'leroy' is dead, ma.:(
    sisqo supposedly got some african chick pregnant when she was 14. hmmmm....*just pictured him doing the backflip*