Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These...

So, the dream started with someone challenging me to a race. This had to be a dream because in reality, anyone who knows me, knows I don't run unless I am being chased (or for a train and I am running late or if haagen daz is about to close).
Even with it being a dream...I never back down from a challenge, so I said: hells yeah!! ....and we began to race. The 2 person race turned into a 4 person race. I ran like a experienced runner-pacing myself in the beginning. Saving my strength for the final stretch. I only know anything about long distance running from my friends who do it (in real life).
The race took place at night. It was misty, the air was crisp-felt kinda perfect. Also, I was winning. Finally I noticed who I was racing against...but I couldn't really see them. They were people, and elbows were being thrown, but I couldn't see faces. Just as I crossed the finish line-there was a yellow line and I crossed it- my phone rang...in real life.
I pick it up and its my agency. Seems they got info wrong. I was supposed to work today and next week-blah blah blah...all I know, I was able to go back to sleep after being thoroughly stank with whomever called me. I laid back down trying to figure out what the dream meant. Mostly, I was trying to deal with the fact that I ran an actual race...and won! Almost became breathless in real life.
Then I was back in a deep sleep-I mean, I could have gotten up and started my day...but that would've entailed me getting out of bed!
My next dream seemed like a Guy Ritchie film. Think Snatch or Lock, Stock & Two Smokin' Barrels....I knew I was in the UK. Could tell by every one's style of dress and accents. I was immersed in helping my friend find someone. The person who was my friend in the dream-I don't know in real life. The person we were looking for...was my crush in real life. Woah.
We found the person after much hijinks's and I acted all nonchalant. My friend (in the dream) says we found him and I am all like:so.
Much like how I would be real life. All aloof n' standoffish-don't understand why this doesn't come across as: OMG! I like you soooo much! ...and then end up with us sweaty n' nude?? Hmm.
Anyways, found person/crush gets all annoyed and disappears again. Then I woke up because the hedges were being clipped outside. The sound of automatic hedge trimmers always put me on high alert. Must always check that there is no oddly large dude standing above me with a meat mask of some sort.
....what does it all mean? Shall reflect on these dreams and see what I come up with. Off the bat, I think it has something to do me stepping my game up and going for mine in more ways than one.

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